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Is Alyssa Bates Following In Jinger Vuolo’s Footsteps?

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Is former Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates following in former Counting On star Jinger Vuolo’s footsteps? Some fans are beginning to think so, based on a clue they spotted online. Keep reading to see what fans saw and why they think Alyssa might be taking a page out of Jinger’s book.

Fans of the Duggar and Bates families know that they have been friends for a while. Both families are involved in the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). However, over time, some of the kids have begun to ditch some of the strict rules associated with the IBLP.

Interestingly, both Jinger Vuolo and Alyssa Bates have been wearing pants for a couple of years. They both had to wear long skirts and dresses growing up. They’ve also both moved out of state away from their parents. The Bates family lives in Tennessee, but Alyssa is now in Florida. While the Duggars live in Arkansas, Jinger relocated to Texas and then moved to California.

Alyssa Bates YouTube - Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Alyssa Bates YouTube – Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Now, it looks like the girls might be on the same track in another way.

Jinger Vuolo releases a new book about the IBLP.

As TV Shows Ace has reported, Jinger recently released a book called Becoming Free Indeed. The memoir documents her journey away from the IBLP. She talks about her anxiety and all of the challenges she faced while being a part of the religion. Today, she is still a Christian but does not agree with the IBLP’s teachings.

On her Instagram Stories this week, Alyssa Bates shared a new video with fans as she opened a package she received in the mail. It contained a few wooden signs personalized with her kids’ names. While some fans talked about how cute these signs are, others noticed something in the background of the photo.

On Alyssa’s coffee table is a copy of Jinger Vuolo’s new memoir, Becoming Free Indeed. You can see the photo below. Note that the arrow was added by a fan and not by Alyssa.

Alyssa Bates Instagram
Alyssa Bates Instagram

Is Alyssa Bates following in Jinger’s footsteps?

On Redditfans are discussing the fact that Alyssa has a copy of Jinger’s book. Many are convinced that she purposely included the book in the frame while showing off the little signs. One fan said, “Maybe this is Alyssa’s way of saying she’s not IBLP without saying it out loud. I mean she could have chosen any place in her home to share the name pieces and that is where, in plan sight of the book. Maybe an unspoken way of answering a highly popular question perhaps.”

Another fan agreed and said, “If she wanted to keep it secret it would be next to her bed or somewhere hidden.”

Some think that Alyssa Bates might be headed down the same path as Jinger and that she’s deconstructing her religious beliefs. She still appears to be a Christian but may not believe in the IBLP anymore. It’s possible Jinger’s book is inspiring her.

However, others think that Jinger might have sent the book to lots of people, including family members and friends. It’s unclear what the real story here is though.

So, do you think that Alyssa Bates is following in Jinger Vuolo’s footsteps? Does it seem like Alyssa might be on her own deconstruction journey? Or do you think Jinger simply sent copies of her book to many family members and friends? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar and Bates families.

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