Fans Remind Audrey Roloff No Award For You Over Vomit

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Audrey Roloff’s attempt to get relatable with her 1.6M Instagram followers falls flat as they school her on the fact that she’ll win no awards for having to deal with vomit. Why is the topic of Jeremy Roloff’s wife and vomit even being discussed by fans? Did Audrey believe she would get some kind of award for managing puke? Keep reading for the details.

No vomit management award for Audrey Roloff?

Wishing her 1.6M followers a good morning, Audrey Roloff decided to share what she thought would be a relatable post. She admitted that she didn’t get a lot of the night before because one of her children spent most of the night awake and throwing up. She, however, did not clarify which one of her children spent the night puking. Audrey admitted the timing of the vomit-filled night wasn’t ideal because she had a lot of things to get sorted out before they go on a trip in a week.

In response to the overshare, fans of Reddit admit the only thing they found relatable about the post was the mention of vomit. but, it wasn’t because they were also a parent who was up all night with a child that was throwing up. They jokingly admitted they found the vomit relatable because Audrey Roloff’s constant need to overshare made them want to vomit.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Moreover, some fans pointed out that no one was standing by to give her a round of applause for staying up all night with a sick child that was puking. Fans schooled her on the fact that she was simply doing her job as a mother. And, with her being someone that is on baby #3, dealing with a sick child all night should be a normal situation for her. Here’s what some fans had to say about the vomit-filled topic:

  • “A child that throws up is a normal part of motherhood, you don’t need an award for taking care of your kid.”
  • “The only thing relatable here is the fact that there was throw up involved. Because we can relate because there was a little throw up involved for us when read it.”
  • “Yea Audrey, that is Motherhood.”

Overall, fans were unimpressed with Audrey and her attempt to be relatable.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Are you as frustrated as the LPBW fans of Reddit are with the amount of information Audrey Roloff shares? Do you think she should have kept some of this information to herself? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for all your Roloff-related news.

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