Casey Nezhoda Inspires Raises With Cleavage-Filled Poker Game

Casey Nezhoda Plays Poker [Source: Casey Nezhoda - Instagram]

Casey Nezhoda is still in the midst of her poker tournament. She’s been sharing updates on her Instagram page. In her latest post, she definitely raised them with her cleavage-filled poker game. It’s the perfect way to distract the players. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shot for yourself.

A&E star knows how to raise them

On Tuesday, February 21, Casey Nezhoda posted a new photo on her Instagram feed. She shared a shot of herself playing poker. The Storage Wars star showed off her cleavage in a black tank top that featured a plunging neckline. Casey knows how to raise them at the poker table.

Casey Nezhoda Wears White Shirt [Source: Casey Nezhoda - Instagram]
[Source: Casey Nezhoda – Instagram]
She looked pleased with her game. The A&E star smiled at the camera as she crossed her arms at the poker table. Casey also wore a gold necklace and gold hoop earrings. She also had on red lipstick and styled her hair in soft waves.

“Let’s play #poker who wants to check-raise me and do you think you can win find me on @americascardroom #acr online can’t wait for the next tourney #storagewars see you at the #felt ♠️♥️♣️♦️,” Casey Nezhoda wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

Casey Nezhoda Wears Red Sweater With Hearts [Source: Casey Nezhoda - Instagram]
[Source: Casey Nezhoda – Instagram]
Her dedicated fans took to the comment section to react. Most of them shared their support for her new hobby. Others couldn’t stop looking at her cleavage. Casey found a clever way to distract the male poke players at the table.

“I won’t check raise you… but damn. I’d love to see how many different ways I can fold you and push all in,” one user suggestively wrote.

“When was this taken mam [SIC]?” another fan asked. They wondered if it was a throwback photo. Casey looked slimmer. However, she’s been in the midst of her poker tournament across the country. A third user said she’s “Looking fantastic, and yes you do get a raise out of me. 😜❤️

Casey Nezhoda distracts her players

Some of the other fans commented on her plunging neckline. One simply wrote: “Love your top.” Another joked: “Nice pair.” A third user even called her a “sex bomb” using emojis.

Others couldn’t stop talking about her cleavage. However, most of the fans agreed that Casey Nezhoda looked beautiful in the photo. Most of the comments were nice and wholesome this time around. Casey usually gets seedy comments on her photos.

Casey Nezhoda At Poker Table [Source: Casey Nezhoda - Instagram]
[Source: Casey Nezhoda – Instagram]
This comes after she celebrated Valentine’s Day late. In a previous post, Casey shared a shot of herself in a dark red sweater that had white hearts all over it. The V-neck style showed a hint of cleavage. She shared that she was happy to be “back in the states.”

What are your thoughts on Casey Nezhoda inspiring a raise with a cleavage-filled poker game? Do you agree that it worked? What are your thoughts on her poker tour? Sound off below in the comment section.

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