What Does Jana Duggar Do All Day?

Jana Duggar - YouTube

What does former TLC star Jana Duggar do all day? Fans have questions about her life, what she’s up to, whether she works, and more. Of all of the Duggar family members, she’s one of the more mysterious ones. Because she’s so quiet on social media and tends to lay low in general, her followers are searching for answers. So, what does her life look like now? Keep reading for all of the details.

Because Counting On was canceled by TLC, fans no longer get a glimpse into the Duggars’ lives on TV. Many of the kids have begun posting regular updates on social media. If you follow Jana on social media, you may know that she’s been very inactive lately. Her most recent post was shared in March 2022.

It’s unclear why she’s disappeared from Instagram. Though fans haven’t seen much from her on her own Instagram page, she has appeared in some of her relatives’ recent posts. For example, she went on a European trip with several friends and siblings. She’s also been shown at various family events.

But what does her day-to-day life look like outside of special occasions and vacations?

Jana Duggar - YouTube
Jana Duggar – YouTube

What does Jana Duggar do all day?

Jana appears to be single and childless, so she is often helping out with her many nieces and nephews. On social media, she’s shared that she does home renovation projects. Several of her brothers are contractors and it looks like she tags along and helps out. It seems like she may make a living this way, especially with Counting On being canceled.

On an episode of Counting On, the 33-year-old surprised her parents with a bedroom makeover.


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Jana Duggar is reportedly living in a tiny home on her dad’s property. When she isn’t helping out with the children or working on home improvement projects, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Unfortunately, because Jana is laying low now, there’s not a lot of information about what she does all day. Maybe she will eventually return to Instagram and YouTube to give fans a peek into her life.

So, what do you think Jana Duggar does all day? Does it surprise you that she still isn’t married? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. Below, you can watch one of Jana’s YouTube videos from a couple of years ago.

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