How Old Was Emma When Amber & Trent Johnston Adopted Her?

7 Little Johnstons- Instagram

Emma Johnston has been a part of 7 Little Johnstons on TLC for multiple seasons. Amber and Trent wanted to adopt one more child to add to their family. Emma has developed quite a large fanbase and her fans are always happy to see what she is up to in her daily life. Not only this, her fans are curious about when she finally joined the Johnston family. Now it’s time for us to find out more about her adoption story.

Emma Johnston’s Adoption Story

7 Little Johnstons has followed the family and their children. Trent and Amber have two biological children, Jonah and Elizabeth. They adopted Emma, Anna, and Alex. Emma is the youngest of the Johnston children. Emma is a fun-loving young lady who has been a ray of sunshine for the family. She soon became a fan favorite with her sparkling personality and amazing energy. Fans could not get enough of her! If you have followed the show, you know that Emma was adopted by Amber and Trent when she was only five years old.

Emma Johnston- TLC
Emma Johnston- TLC

She has changed a lot since fans first saw her on the show. She is quite an artist and has started to make jewelry on Etsy. Not only does she have this store, but she is very active on her Instagram account. All of Emma’s followers enjoy her posts, but there have been a few moments where they did question her. She continues to surprise her fans with her comments and hints about the show.

Did Emma Reveal The Truth?

Just a few months ago, Emma Johnston took the time to share with her fans a secret. As she shared with her fans, she made hints that the family could be done filming. Surprisingly, this was only a rumor. It turns out that they have been picked up for another season on TLC.

Emma is really starting to blossom as she gets older and her fans are happy to see her do so. She has been driving and has started to show interest in dating. It is incredible for fans to see how much she has grown since she first appeared on the show. Fans hope that they get to see a lot more of her in the future.

7 Little Johnstons- Instagram
7 Little Johnstons- Instagram

What do you think of Emma’s hints about the show ending? Are you ready for the new season of 7 Little Johnstons? We would like to hear your comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more 7 Little Johnstons.


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