What Car Dealership Does Trent Johnston Work For?

Trent Johnston - Instagram

7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston works for a car dealership these days, in addition to being on his family’s TLC show. On the show and on social media, fans have gotten a peek into his life and career. What dealership does he work for? Keep reading for all of the details about Trent’s job.

Trent Johnston’s Career

As fans know, Trent and his family make some money from their reality TV show. They’ve been on TLC since 2015 and have invited viewers to be a part of their family. The show seems to be a success, and it’s one way that Trent and his wife, Amber, pay the bills. After all, having five kids isn’t cheap.

Many TLC stars hold traditional jobs while appearing on their shows.  According to Trent’s LinkedIn profile, he was previously the Director of Landscape Management at Clayton State University. His profile notes that he started that gig in December 2016.

However, as shown on 7 Little Johnstons, he quit his job and went another route. He’s now a car salesman.

Trent Johnston - Instagram
Trent Johnston – Instagram

What Car Dealership Does The 7 Little Johnstons Star Work For?

Trent Johnston works at Riverside Ford, which is located in Macon, Georgia. Trent also has a second Instagram profile that he uses to promote his work. He has many more followers on his main profile rather than on his second account. But he still has a good number of fans and customers supporting him.

Below, you can see one of his recent posts.

His Instagram bio reads:

“Trent Johnston @ Riverside Ford will help you get the best deal on your New or Certified Used Car, Truck or SUV.”

On FacebookTrent has created another account for his car sales. In general, he posts the same content on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Hopefully, Trent’s gig as a car salesman continues to go smoothly. Thanks to social media and the show, fans can continue to be a part of his life and see what he’s up to. Based on what he’s shared so far, he seems to be enjoying himself.

So, did you know that Trent Johnston works at a car dealership? Do you enjoy keeping up with him on social media and TLC? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Johnston family. Below, you can watch a TLC clip of Trent talking about quitting his job.

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