‘Shark Tank’ Fans Concerned About Kahawa 1893 Coffee Claims

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This past week, Maggy Nyamumbo entered the Tank. She has her own brand of coffee, Kahawa 1893 Coffee, which is delicious and also has some altruistic promises.

However, Shark Tank fans are concerned about these claims. Why are they concerned?

Shark Tank Fans Express Concern Over Kawana 1893 Coffee Claims

Recently, Maggy Nyamumbo was on Shark Tank. This was Season 14, Episode 14 of the popular ABC show.

There, she introduced her product Kahawa 1893 Coffee. Maggy’s impressive pitch resulted in a bit of a bidding war. In the end, Guest Shark Emma Grede made a deal with the Kenya-born entrepreneur.

However, viewers of the show had many concerns about Nyamumbo’s promises.

Shark Tank-Maggy-https://www.instagram.com/p/CjF9Hb8OxXz/
Shark Tank-Maggy-https://www.instagram.com/p/CjF9Hb8OxXz/

What Were Maggy Nyamumbo’s Kahawa 1893 Coffee Promises?

Entrepreneur Maggy Nyamumbo went in front of the Sharks in the most recent episode of Shark Tank. Her presentation was for her business Kahawa 1893 Coffee. Maggy’s coffee is from Kenya, some of the best coffee in the world.

Her presentation highlighted that 90 percent of all of the coffee farmed in Kenya is by women. However, they are unable to get any sort of financial compensation under their own names. Their wages are very meager.

Therefore, on the back of the coffee bags, there is a QR code where customers can choose to leave a tip that would go to these female workers. Kahawa 1893 Coffee matches every cent.

Moreover, Maggy claims that the women who farm the coffee in Kenya get the money, and the men “respect” that.

Shark Tank Fans Wonder What Percentage Of Profit Goes To Women Farmers

Needless to say, fans on Reddit wanted to tear apart the promises that the Kawana 1893 Coffee founder had to make.

One fan wrote, “Bored of every episode having multiple businesses that are more about a social cause (This one and the recycling bag from this episode alone) than creating something new or interesting. These ’cause products’ are boring.”

While many agreed, most pointed out that this was not such an innovative idea, calling this a “pipe dream.”

Some even wonder if this money will funnel to the women, as the farms are often owned by husbands.

Then, there was the amount of money given to the women. Did this amount seem like a worthy amount to call attention to this altruistic component of this pitch?

One poster did the math, and they were not impressed. “I mean they had sold what $2 million and only tipped $20K. That’s like a dollar every 10 or so lbs of coffee… that’s extremely little. I don’t think it’s a big deal for them to give that as spending $ to the workers.”

“Extremely rough Math: $2m in sales/ $9 per pound wholesale price = about 222,222 pounds sold. $20,000 tipped total is about a dollar tip for about 11 pounds.”

In the end, many of the posters did not feel that the Sharks really understood how things run in another country.

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Be sure to watch Shark Tank Season 14 on Fridays, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on ABC.

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