‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Kahawa 1893 Coffee

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Shark Tank is back tonight and viewers might want to know where to buy Kahawa 1893 Coffee company. Kenyan Maggy Nyamumbo is looking to sway the sharks with her unique brand of coffee.

Here is what we know about Kahawa 1893 Coffee from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What is Kahawa 1893 Coffee on Shark Tank?

Maggy Nyamumbo is a third-generation coffee farmer from Kenya. She came to Shark Tank to try to find investors for her Kahawa 1893 Coffee, grown in Kenya and roasted fresh in San Francisco. Her company in Kenya practices fair trade with women farmers, giving her business even more prestige.

Maggy got her MBA at Harvard and worked on Wall Street before she started her Kahawa 1893 brand. Kahawa is the Swahili word meaning coffee and 1893 is the year the coffee industry really took off in Kenya. She founded the company itself in 2017 as a way to battle the inequalities in the Kenyan coffee business.

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According to Maggy, women provide 90% of the labor there but only own 1% of the coffee-growing land. As a woman whose family has a history in the business, the coffee-growing industry is in her blood as well. She also gives a portion of all her profits to the female laborers who harvest it and she has a way for customers to tip the laborers as well. The company matches all customer tips.

Where to buy Kahawa 1893 Coffee from Shark Tank

Shark Tank fans can buy Kahawa 1893 Coffee on the company website at kahawa1893.com. There is a chance to receive monthly offers and win a free month of coffee by submitting an email address on the website. The company also offers a 10% offer for an email address based on the Shark Tank appearance.

There are several brands on the main page. The two best sellers are the Safari Blend (medium-dark) and Serengeti Blend (dark), which run for $16.99 each.  Also offered are the Kenyan Single Origin (medium-light) and Ethiopian Blend (medium) for $19.99 each. The Roaster’s Choice is $17.99. The African Chai Spice Coffee (medium) is $18.99. Finally, the 1895 Espresso (medium-dark) and Simba Blend (medium-light) are $16.99 each.

Shoppers can buy in bulk as well, getting a two-pound bag for $34.99 or a five-pound bag for $74.99.

The company also sells coffee on Amazon, although not everything is available.  However, it is at a discount. The same 12-ounce bags cost only $12.99 with Prime delivery on the Serengeti Blend.

Also appearing on Shark Tank tonight are companies offering the Chub Rub Patch (anti-chafing patch), ReTold Recycling (a recycling service), and FunkkOFF (teeth products).

Does Kahawa 1893 coffee sound like a drink that could be a huge moneymaker? Is it worth the attention of the investors on Shark Tank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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