Kim Kardashian Ripped For Selling Overpriced & Tacky Items

Kim Kardashian Wears Lace Chemise [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram]

Fans came for Kim Kardashian for selling overpriced and tacky items. They can’t believe that she’s looking for money when she’s already a billionaire. She sold a rare jumpsuit listed for $5,000. Keep on reading to learn more about this recent controversy.

SKIMS founder reselling her luxury items

Kim Kardashian and her family has been criticized in the past for reselling their fashion items. She listed a “unique” silver metallic Balmain jumpsuit for $5k on Kardashian Kloset. This had some fans wondering who she was trying to target. Most of their fans can’t afford their luxury lifestyle. They can’t even afford some of the expensive and overpriced beauty and fashions they offer in their respective businesses.

Kim Kardashian Puckers Up [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram]
[Source: Kim Kardashian – Instagram]
It looks like the Kardashian sister is doing some spring cleaning. She’s known to list high-priced items on her reselling site. The latest item is a Blamin jumpsuit that zips all the way down. It also has patches on the right shoulder. The jumpsuit looks like something that an astronaut would wear.

The luxury item also features a textured bodice and a ruched waist. The legs are tapered and come in at the ankles. It’s described as “oversized.” According to the listing, the item is “rare.” Kim Kardashian fans are wondering who she is trying to target.

Kim Kardashian Lists New Pieces [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Kim Kardashian – Instagram Stories]
Just days ago, fans came after for her for selling another overpriced item. She called it a “rare vintage top” and listed it for $3,000. The Vintage Roberto Cavalli blouse featured an Asian design. It’s also made from a leather-esque material. The blouse featured a dragon on the chest and the side of it.

Kim Kardashian sells “ugly” SKNN products

Fans are fed up with Kim Kardashian flexing her wealth on social media and through these reselling sites. Earlier this month, they called her out for selling “ugly” SKNN products for Valentine’s Day. In time for the day of love, Kim promoted products that cost $370 in total.

“The ultimate wish list. Forward these gift ideas to your Valentine,” Kim Kardashian wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Some of her fans took to Reddit to slam her for the new “ugly” products. They compared the shape of the bottles to the mysterious rock formation Stonehenge. Others called it “Flinstone-looking crap.” There were also fans who poked fun at Kim Kardashian’s love for beige and muted colors.

Kim Kardashian Offers SKNN [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Kim Kardashian – Instagram Stories]
The 42-year-old launched the skincare rage in June 2022. At the time, she already received criticism for the nine-step product line. Some deemed the brand as “overpriced.” Kim has also been under fire for “flaunting her wealth” in recent months.

What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian selling overpriced and tacky items? Do you agree? Or, would you buy them if you could afford them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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