Al Roker’s Wife Defends Her Man: ‘Knock It Off’

Al Roker & Deborah Roberts [Source: YouTube]

Al Roker got some major support from his wife. Deborah Roberts is standing by her man. She told Craig Melvin to “knock it off.” This comes amid the co-anchors quarreling on the morning show. Find out what happened.

Al Roker & Craig Melvin love to bicker

It comes as no surprise to Today Show fans that Al Roker and Craig Melvin love to roast each other on the show. They often riff with their funny jokes. Deborah Roberts doesn’t always approve of what they do. She showed her support for her husband after Craig went after him again.

Per Hello, Deborah texted Craig after the show when he made an ageist joke about Al. The weatherman mentioned the incident that took place last year. At the time, he co-anchored at the big desk with Hoda Kotb. Al took over for Jenna Bush Hager, who is present during the fourth hour of the morning show.

Deborah Roberts & Al Roker [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Al told the publication that Deborah warns Craig about his inappropriate jokes. She feels that he takes them way too far. Deborah stands up for her man and made that message clear. Craig took it well and will not toe that line to go up against his wife.

“Every now and then Melvin will make some age joke and she’ll text him,” Al Roker told Hello. “She says, ‘You better knock it off’ and he will go, ‘Oh, I got a text from Deborah! She will come for you!”

There are times when Deborah sends Craig a stern warning.  Al and Craig have bickered on the show for the past few weeks. There have been moments when they got into heavy debates about the Super Bowl LVII. In a recent broadcast, Al exposed Craig’s boo corner, in which he loves to say the word “boo.”

Craig Melvin Argues With Al Roker [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Today Show co-anchors get romantic

Deborah better watch out for her marriage. Al Roker recently got romantic with Craig on the air. The two reenacted the iconic scene from the movie Titanic. The meteorologist wanted to pull it off. On Thursday’s broadcast of the Today Show, the hosts talked about the newly released footage of the wreckage.

Savannah Guthrie sent it over to Al Roker, who was about to report on the weather. He went off the script as he wanted to take part in the classic scene. He admitted that he was feeling “inspired.” Al stood behind Craig as he spread out his arms. They pretended to be the iconic couple, Jack and Rose.

Craig broke out in laughter. The two played it up well for the cameras. What are your thoughts on Al Roker’s wife defending her man? Sound off below in the comment section.

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