Does A Nanny Help Whitney Bates Juggle Four Children?

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A few days ago, Bringing Up Bates fans learned Whitney and Zach Bates were pregnant with baby #5. At just 29 years old, UPtv fans wondered how the former reality TV personality juggles four children. During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, one of her followers boldly asked how she manages to hold down the fort with so many children running around (especially now that she’s pregnant with #5). More specifically, this particular fan asked if there was a nanny in the picture.

Bringing Up Bates- Zach and Whitney Bates Instagram
Bringing Up Bates- Zach and Whitney Bates Instagram

Does a nanny help Whitney Bates juggle four children?

Sharing a photo of her husband Zach with one of their children in his lap as they appear to be grabbing a meal at a restaurant, Whitney says there’s no nanny in the picture. “Just this amazing guy,” she clarifies with an arrow pointing in the direction of her husband. Whitney proceeds to explain how they manage to make having a large family work.

Like many other parents, Whitney Bates explains that if they both have busy schedules requiring them to head to work they hire a babysitter to watch the kids. Normally, however, she’s able to handle the children while Zach works. Moreover, she clarifies that she has a husband who is “all in” and ready to help when he comes home from work.

As far as her work is concerned, Whitney Bates admits she’s in a convenient position where she’s able to do most of her work from home. So, she can work and spend tons of time with her children.

Whitney and Zach Bates - Instagram
Whitney and Zach Bates – Instagram

They don’t know the gender of #5 just yet

In a separate Q&A post, Whitney Bates addressed baby #5’s gender. Turns out, questions involving the gender came up a lot. Whitney reassured their followers they do want to know the gender. They just don’t know the gender yet. Presently, Whitney and Zach are still doing some planning to figure out how they want to reveal the gender of baby #5 when they do learn what it is.

In a separate post, Whitney asked Bradley what he thought the baby’s gender would be. He told his mother he thinks baby #5 will be a boy.

Whitney Bates- Bringing Up Bates- YouTube
Whitney Bates- Bringing Up Bates- YouTube

Does it surprise you that Whitney and Zach Bates can juggle four children without a nanny? Do you think they get a lot of support from their large family too? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on the Bates family.

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