‘Gold Rush’ Fans Bash Fred For Treatment Of Claytons

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Gold Rush fans have complained about a lot this season on the show, but Fred Lewis mostly tops the list. There are also fans that have complained about the Clayton Brothers, for different reasons. However, when fans saw how Fred treated the brothers in the last episode, they were completely on the brothers’ side.

Here is what Fred did to the Claytons and why fans are mad.

Fred Lewis hypocritical on Gold Rush toward Claytons

Fred Lewis has done a lot this season to anger Gold Rush fans. From the start, it seemed fans saw Fred as a joke. In every episode when he appeared, the narrator mentioned Fred was a veteran. It soon became a drinking game for fans to take a shot every time someone mentioned it.

Fred then made it worse by bringing it up all the time. When he lashed out at fans for complaining, it made it worse. Instead of seeing viewers hit over the head with it over and over, he acted like viewers were insulting veterans. However, it was just about Fred and how people saw him.

Fred Lewis on Gold Rush / YouTube

Things were worse as the season wore on and Fred made some of the worst decisions in Gold Rush history. It looked like he was completely clueless or he was sabotaging his own efforts at success. However, despite everything Fred did wrong, he still seems to act like he is a gold mining expert and talks down to people all the time.

This week, he aimed his arrogance at the Clayton Brothers. What made it worse was that fans saw him as hypocritical in the situation. The Clayton Brothers needed help when their equipment broke down. They went to Fred for help, which made sense because Fred has asked for help more than once this season as well – for the same reason.

However, Fred and his crew dismissed the Clayton Brothers. It was also made worse when Fred’s stepson commented that the Clayton Brothers aren’t “cursed” and said that they just break things. This is especially interesting since Fred pulled his own son off some equipment a few weeks back since he was accused of breaking things.

Fans rip into Fred Lewis for his actions

Gold Rush fans were not taking this disrespect from Fred Lewis. On Reddit, everyone began ripping into Lewis in the thread for the new episode.

Fred Lewis on Gold Rush / YouTube

“[The Claytons] have had bad luck too, but they actually have some knowledge and experience to back up them being there in the first place,” one fan argued. “You take Buzz out of the Lewis crew and you’ve basically got a bunch of kids playing in a sandbox for the first time.”

Another pointed out that the Clayton Brothers had a breakdown, and Fred wouldn’t loan them anything. However, when Fred’s crew broke things, he had excuses every time. Another said that Fred’s crew was all talking bad about the Claytons, but “Fred and his cohorts have little room to talk.”

What are your thoughts about how Fred Lewis treated the Clayton Brothers on Gold Rush? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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