‘Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Opens Up About His Journey So Far

The Bachelor | Youtube

It’s a new season of The Bachelor, which of course, means a new Bachelor himself. This season, Zach has taken the leading role. Now, he’s explaining what he learned about himself through the process.

Zach Shallcross opens up

Being The Bachelor is a big undertaking. Not only does one man have to date 25 women, but he has to do it on TV with everyone watching. However, Zach seems to be doing pretty well handling the stress. According to Bachelor Nation, he has actually learned some things about himself. Most of that revolves around sharing his life with others. 

When asked if he’s learned anything about himself, Zach responded saying ” Oh yeah, I’ve learned a lot. What I’ve learned the most is that it’s completely healthy and okay to share vulnerable pieces of myself with these women,” he says.

He goes on to explain that he wants these women to be open with him, so he knows he has to treat them exactly the same so that they feel comfortable doing this.

“I am expecting them to be open with me when they’re comfortable, so I need to make sure that I’m doing that so they can feel comfortable enough to share with me,” he explains.

The Bachelor | Youtube
The Bachelor | Youtube

 Having a great time

Of course, despite it still being early, it seems that Zach is having a great time being the Bachelor. One big highlight for him? Getting to see his family on his first one-on-one.

“There have been so many great moments. I don’t know if I can pick just one!” he starts. However, he continues getting into a bit more detail. “Getting to see my family on my first one-on-one date was really special. Family is so important to me and that was awesome seeing them that early on. Also, having the entire natural history museum to myself over the night, was so cool. You can’t do that ever! It’s really just been everything. Everything has been so much fun,” he says.

Zach gets COVID

Zach’s Bachelor journey hasn’t been all perfect though. In fact, the London dates got cut short after the star himself ended up coming down with COVID. Not only did only one girl get to go on a date, but they also had to do the rose ceremony over Zoom. Unfortunately, Mercedes Northup was sent home.

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