Gabi Teases Unique Season With ‘Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross

Gabi Elnicki, YouTube

Gabi Elnicki has become one of The Bachelor fans’ favorite girls despite not having much alone time with Zach Shallcross yet. According to Bachelor Nation, she says fans are going to see a whole lot of love this season. She recently made herself relatable due to something that happened during the group football date.

When Bachelor Nation visited the girls during their football date, Gabi talked about her connection with Zach. She said so far what’s been shown is, “pretty surface level.” After the first group date, she felt a bit discouraged but moving forward she felt better about their conversation. She talked to Zach at the rose ceremony before the date and said he reassured her that all relationships move at different paces. Gabi said Zach is a good listener and very down-to-earth. She also says he doesn’t just pretend to listen, she can tell he’s truly listening to what she has to say.

Something Unexpected Happened To Gabi Elnicki

Gabi Elnicki talked to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast recently about that date. She had an unfortunate accident during the football game. When she got hit during the game she peed on herself a bit.

Gabi Elnicki/IG
Gabi Elnick, Instagram

Gabi said there was no doubt they were going to air it. She said, “that blunt force that pulled me down was so hard.” Coupling that with staying hydrated and being nervous led to the accident. She said she isn’t embarrassed about it according to Bachelor Nation and she’s okay. Michelle Young told her she won, the “most relatable,” player on the field during that game.

She Made Good Friends On The Season

Gabi Elnicki said she thought this season was really special. She thinks the contestants are some of the most genuine people she’s met. Among the women that she really hit it off with were Jess Girod, Kaity Biggar, and Ariel Frenkel. Watching other seasons, she worried the other girls might be mean to her or there would be bullying. When she watched Clayton’s season, it gave her a bit of anxiety about her own situation. She said it wasn’t the case for her. The girls were all nice and everyone got along. Gabi admitted it’s difficult seeing someone you like flirt and be with other people. She said there are a lot of comparisons that can happen between contestants.

Gabi Elnicki, Instagram
Gabi Elnicki, Instagram

There’s still a lot of The Bachelor left to air and a lot of time for Zach to find the one. Still, Gabi thinks it could be her. She said they share a lot of the same values and, “Zach has such great emotional intelligence and he is very genuine.” Do you think Gabi has a chance at becoming a front-runner? Read more about the season so far here¬†and learn more about Zach Shallcross here. Comment with your thoughts below.

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