Former Colleague Of T.J. Holmes Exposes His Raggedy Behavior

T.J. Holmes [Screenshot: YouTube]

T.J. Holmes can’t escape the controversy. The GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchor has been exposed again for his raggedy behavior. A damning exposé was published in New York Magazine’s The Cut by contributor Angelina Chapin.

The headline reads: “Inside the ‘Horned Up’ Office Culture at ABC News.” The essay reads what really went on behind closed doors. Once again, T.J. has been accused of sleeping with yet another staffer, who will remain anonymous to protect her career.

The piece shows a grim look at what happened at the family-friendly morning show long before ABC News President Kim Godwin stepped in. Keep on reading for new details.

T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach [Screenshot: YouTube]
[Screenshot: YouTube]

GMA staffers knew about T.J. Holmes’ affairs

A former GMA3 staffer who will go by the name Sascha shared the details of her illicit affair with T.J. Holmes. Other staffers knew about his alleged multiple affairs. Staffers call it the worst-kept secret in the broadcast industry. Their alleged affair started in 2014 when she was 27 years old. At the time, Sascha worked as a digital news associate.

She remembered T.J. being flirtatious with her. He asked for help with his Instagram account. In his email, he revealed that he liked the staffer. Sascha was invited to his hotel room, which was near the GMA headquarters in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. T.J. was already sitting on the bed, waiting for her.

T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach [Screenshot: YouTube]
[Screenshot: YouTube]
The affairs were “commonplace” within the set of the talk show. They describe it as a “horned up” workplace in which “everybody was sleeping around.” Sascha admitted that she felt “lonely” when she started working in the industry. She couldn’t date because of the long and grueling hours.

That’s when she started an affair with T.J. Holmes. She admitted that it was the “bright spot” of her career. However, that quickly ended when he lost interest. Sascha remembers when she sent him a wall of text after they last hooked up. T.J. simply responded with a simple “Goodnight” message.

Good Morning America’s scandal continues

Sascha called the work environment a “pretty scandalous place.” Many female colleagues would allegedly sleep with the higher-ups to better their careers. Those who weren’t involved with the culture would wonder why their careers weren’t flourishing. Sascha’s affair with T.J. Holmes ended after he started his role on Good Morning America.

The two kept in touch until 2019. Around that time, he started co-hosting GMA3 with Amy Robach. Sascha learned that T.J. Holmes had multiple affairs with other staffers. She has regrets about their affair.

“I was just part of a pattern,” she told The Cut. “I didn’t even think about power dynamics. I thought I was special.”

T.J. Holmes and his co-anchor Amy Robach are officially out at GMA. Fans wonder what’s next for the golden couple. What are your thoughts on a former colleague exposing T.J.’s raggedy behavior? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I said that people would find a lot more women in time that had affairs with Holmes or maybe one night stands. Men like him are the same from the get go. Men like him don’t change, hope Robach protects her money if they get married. I can see Holmes needing money when his ex wife gets what she deserves from his settlement from ABC . I’m sure he’s looking at Robach’s settlement money to look at his future living expenses. He has shown his willingness to take care of himself and not be concern with anybody else, through all this time how much time he’s shown on seeing his daughter and being 10 years old she’s counting the times she’s seen Daddy.

  2. So then, lots of bangin going on over at ABC, but TJ Holmes is the “raggedy” one? The 24 year old consenting adult isn’t raggedy, nor is the former married producer who slept with him, nor was Amy R. Just the black dude. Really? This is some straight up racist bovine scandology.

  3. he’s a sociopath. it takes zero intelligence to do what he does, and how is that a bright spot? haha shiiiii…he’s some idiot reading the news, and he’s a bright spot?

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