Kim Kardashian’s Kids Go Wild Destroying Kitchen, Where’s Mom?

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Kim Kardashian’s oldest child, North West, and younger siblings Chicago and Pslam really kicked off this week doing a number to their mother’s otherwise spotless kitchen. Kim and Kanye’s children have been all over the headlines this week as most fans agree their parents need to work to get a handle on their chaotic behavior. Moreover, fans question why North West is still allowed to have so much freedom with her TikTok account.

On Monday, North West treated her followers to a wild and chaotic new upload that featured a video of herself and her five and three-year-old siblings making chocolate milkshakes while destroying their mother’s kitchen.

North West - Kim Kardashian - TikTok
North West – Kim Kardashian – TikTok

North West destroyed Kim Kardashian’s kitchen with her siblings

The TikTok video revealed the children used an assortment of ingredients to make the perfect chocolate milkshakes. Some of the ingredients included whipped cream, chocolate syrup, ice cream, and strawberries. Unfortunately, the counter looked like a dessert may have exploded as there was whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and ice cream smeared all over the top of the counter. Likewise, trimmings of chopped-up strawberries could also be seen on the counter.

North West - Kim Kardashian - TikTok
North West – Kim Kardashian – TikTok

The moment things really got chaotic in the video was when Psalm decided he wanted a taste of whipped cream. He started spraying it in his mouth and ended up getting it everywhere else. After finding it hilarious, his big sister North West stepped in to give her little brother a hand.

Ultimately, the siblings gave their big sister and the milkshakes a thumbs-up during the video. And, fans can only assume they were going to have a massive sugar rush that Kim Kardashian would have to deal with later.

North West - Kim Kardashian - TikTok
North West – Kim Kardashian – TikTok

Ultimately, Kardashian-Jenner fans loved seeing North West and some of her siblings enjoy this bonding experience in the kitchen. They, however, couldn’t help but wonder where the adults were during this scenario.

In total, the video was three minutes long and kicked off with North West’s younger siblings announcing to the camera that they were going to make chocolate milkshakes together. North later ended the video by giving fans a nice look at the aftermath of what a kitchen looks like when three children are allowed to make chocolate milkshakes without an adult in the picture.

@kimandnorthMaking a milkshake♬ original sound – Kim and North

Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian does have North’s comments on her video. But, the chaotic and messy video has been viewed over 760K times within 24 hours since it was uploaded to her profile.

What do you think about North West and her siblings destroying the kitchen to make chocolate milkshakes? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Somebody needs a good ass whooping. She let’s them get by with everything. If she doesn’t stop it now she is going to be in major trouble!!!!!

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