‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Robbed While Fighting For Her Life

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been robbed while fighting for her life in rehab. She has already felt defeated on a few occasions and now this happens. Will this bring a setback for Tammy when she is so close to her goal of 550 pounds? Read on for more details.

1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton Robbed While Fighting For Her Life

Tammy Slaton has had a few setbacks in the last two episodes. First, she discovered that she had gained ten pounds which was not bringing her closer to her 550 goal. She was distressed as she could not understand how this happened as she feels she is trying her hardest in rehab. Then, right after that, she learned that the family pup, Lil Bit had passed away. Though it was her sister, Amy Halterman’s husband, Michael’s dog, Tammy was extremely close to Lil Bit. Therefore, losing her was devastating.

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Tammy Slaton just wants to get down to the right weight so she can get her bariatric surgery. She does not need any more sadness or drama. So, she has asked her sisters, Amanda and Misty to stop by her home to grab some stuff for her. Unfortunately, when they pulled up, they noticed that the door was ajar and that Tammy had been robbed. In a clip from TLC, Misty, and Amanda immediately knew that something was off the moment they walked up to the home.

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When they went into Tammy Slaton’s home, they saw that absolutely everything had been taken down to the kitchen sink. In their minds, they feel devastated for Tammy but also know that they have to tell her what happened. However, Amanda and Misty do not want her to ever return to this place again after the robbery. Obviously, they know that their first step is to file a police report to try to see what they can do to recover Tammy’s stuff.

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Since Amy has been paying for Tammy Slaton’s place while she is in rehab, Amanda and Misty immediately call her. They let her know that all of Tammy’s stuff is gone. She is stunned by this news because she knows that Tammy is fighting for her life. While she is trying to live, her livelihood has been stolen from her. This is just too much for any person to take. All three sisters are concerned for Tammy’s well-being once she learns what has transpired. However, this is something that she has to know.

How will Tammy react to learning that all she has is what she brought to rehab with her? Will this cause her to further backslide or will it only make her stronger? Let us know your thoughts and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

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