TLC Fans Rally Around Tammy Slaton, Reject Her TV Therapist

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TLC fans are rallying around 1000-Lb. Sisters’ star Tammy Slaton and rejecting her new TV therapist. In a sneak peek released by TLC for the upcoming episode, the reality star is seen struggling to open up with her therapist. Slated to air on January 31, 2023, the episode shows Tammy in a bad mood before her therapist as she admits she doesn’t wish to disappoint her family or herself. However, TLC fans feel the therapist was introduced by the makers to show Tammy in a bad light. Why do fans think so? Keep reading to find out the details!

Tammy Slaton Discusses Her Addiction With New Therapist

In order to be approved for her gastric bypass surgery, Tammy has to talk to a therapist. Given how important this therapy session is, she tries to get through it successfully, only to get pretty emotional and angry. As the TLC star spoke to her therapist via Zoom call, she had to talk about some of her addictions. She discussed her issues with drugs, food, and alcohol and soon let her emotions run wild.

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However, as the therapist asked her to dive deeper into the underlying cause of her issues, Tammy Slaton blatantly refused to talk about it. As her therapist made her aware that avoiding those core issues would never help her get past her existing problems. Yet, instead of trying to open up, the reality star relapsed and let out her anger.

In her confessional, she said, “It was a hard time for me, a lot of mental health is letting go, I don’t want to go through that all again.”

TLC Fans Feel Tammy Slaton’s Therapist Is Robotic

Although it seemed like Tammy Slaton needed the therapist’s help, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans feel otherwise.

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On Reddit, a fan wrote, “Is anyone else bothered by the TV therapist they got for Tammy? It feels like they got her JUST to frame Tammy as uncomfortable or resistant to treatment. But, honestly? I wouldn’t be comfortable discussing my trauma with that therapist either. She’s robotic and seems more aware that she’s on camera than giving a therapy session.”

Tammy Slaton’s Disability Is her New Identity

However, another fan disagreed with the claim that Tammy was the victim of the circumstances. They explained that the therapist is a specialist and the TLC star self-sabotages because her disability has now become her identity. They further added, “And if she’s not morbidly obese she’s not disabled. At this point, she’s basically killed herself and she’s mentally dealing with that reality and is in the ‘why bother’ phase we see often on 600lb life.”

Tammy Slaton YouTube 1000-Lb. Sisters

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Do you think Tammy Slaton is resistant to therapy? Or did TLC intentionally introduce the therapist’s angle to make her look repulsive to the audience? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

Allie Johnson


  1. I think she has enablers.I would think she needs to get to the bottom of why she is that heavy. hard facts to hear but when someone or something is talked-about and she doesn’t want to or like what they say she throws a fit. and they back away. she could of stayed in rehab but the excuse was to far away from home. I don’t think she wants to lose weight she’s getting attention.

    1. Leave Tammy alone she just could not loses the wait until God brought her to the place where she had no choice and where she would meet her future husband and follow her destiny if the therapist doesn’t work then Tammy can change it and the therapist doesn’t need to look for an excuse not to be changed

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