‘1000-Lb Best Friends’: Meghan Opens Up About Living With Tina

Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC

Now that 1000-Lb Best Friends is back for a second season, plenty of viewers have questions. For example, why exactly do Meghan Crumpler and her fiance Jon live in the Arnold family’s basement?

Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler have been friends for a very long time. However, Tina’s house doesn’t have unlimited space. The TLC star and her husband have four children of their own, while Meghan and Jon live in the basement. During one Season 2 episode, the Arnolds’ home flooded, forcing all eight occupants to temporarily move into a hotel.

Needless to say, this has made Meghan and Tina’s friendship quite complicated. So why did the 1000-Lb Best Friends stars move in together in the first place?

The 1000-Lb Best Friends stars get candid about their living situation

Meghan Crumpler was a fan-favorite during 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 1. However, many viewers have since soured on her since the Season 2 premiere. Fans feel that she isn’t taking her health seriously and she’s really starting to take advantage of her friends — primarily Tina Arnold.

Online, several 1000-Lb Best Friends viewers wondered why Meghan and Jon lived with the Arnolds in the first place. They seemed capable of caring for themselves and even started making wedding plans. So why couldn’t they live on their own?

Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC
1000-Lb Best Friends/TLC

Recently, Meghan and Tina sat down with iHollywoodTV to talk about the living situation.

In the interview, Meghan admits that she had a really hard time living on her own after receiving bariatric surgery. Tina was actually the one who suggested that she and her fiance Jon move in. It’s not immediately clear why having Jon move in wasn’t enough, which is something that fans are still struggling to understand. However, they seem happy with the setup as it is.

According to Tina, she really needed a friend in the house too. She claimed Meghan helped her through a very deep depression and she’s actually happy Meghan and Jon moved in.

Check out the full interview for yourself here:

Fans react to Meghan and Tina’s joint interview

The interview provided some clarity on the living situation, but not every 1000-Lb Best Friends viewer bought the excuses.

“Sorry, but Megan does have a man who she can rely [on]. Is Megan in thearpy currently? If not she needs to be going weekly to get over this problem,” one viewer wrote in the comments on the YouTube video.

“Too many excuses. At some point you need to leave Tina’s. Does the show not pay you?” another added.

However, others thought that some 1000-Lb Best Friends fans were being too harsh on Tina and Meghan.

You people are so judgemental it’s sickening 🙄 leave these women alone and just enjoy the show!!” one fan clapped back in the comments. “My gosh people make bad choices and at least they are trying to change and I wish them the very best 🙏💙🕊️”

What do you think about the situation? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Check back soon for more news and updates on the 1000-Lb Best Friends cast.

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  1. I admit to watching this show. If I get annoyed or tired of it, I stop.
    trying not to judge or have an opinion.
    it is only enjoyable when the ladies are being successful. I don’t enjoy Megan and her pity party.

    1. I used to like megan, but it became very clear she has pushed it way too far. The episode when she moved in, John was not mentioned. Two adults living in this poor families home for years? This was not a ‘just until you find an apartment’ or perhaps ‘ get a friggin job!’. Most people started freaking out because they (Megan and John) thought it was appropriate to move into the small hotel room their insurance ( The ones working to pay for it, Tina and husband) 4 kids! The only other person this rude on TLC is the morbidly obese Tammy! Seriously, People do not do that crap!! Who in the world would think it was okay to join this family in the one hotel room they were given? This family was clearly very stressed and made it very clear they were okaY With the actions. Not to mention, her behavior has been obnoxious! Let me consider a wedding dress and wedding when I can not pay for an apartment!

  2. Meghan is taking advantage of Tina’s husband and children and tina.she needs to get her own place she doest think of anyone else but herself .Megan’s husband needs to get off his ass and get their own place.ouit destroying Tina’s family.

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