‘Happy Valley’ Season 3, Episode 4 Ending Based On Reality

Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley / YouTube

Happy Valley Season 3 just had a hugely shocking moment on the BBC series that many fans didn’t believe was realistic. What is surprising is that it is not only something that could happen – but it is something that has happened in the past.

Here is a look at the end of Episode 4 of Happy Valley’s third season, and the real-life incidents that influenced the shocking moment.

How did Tommy Lee escape in Happy Valley?

In the final moments of Happy Valley Series 3, Episode 4, villain Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) enacted a bold escape. Seeing a lifetime prison sentence in front of him, Tommy Lee was on his way to sentencing for another crime. He then shockingly escaped while court was in session.

Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley / YouTube

With the judge, legal teams, and bystanders looking on, he fought his way out of the glass box. He then used a police officer to boost himself up and over the wall. After this, Tommy Lee then ran out of the courthouse and onto the streets. While he was escaping, two other men got into a fight inside the courthouse to cause a distraction so Tommy Lee could get away.

When this happened, many fans of the BBC drama series took to social media to talk about how ludicrous and unrealistic this escape was. It could never happen like this in real life. The surprising thing is that it has happened before, and it has also worked in real life.

What real-life incidents influenced this scene in Happy Valley?

In a failed attempt in 2019, a man on trial for murder in Russia went up over the glass box. Instead of fighting his way out and escaping, he tried to get into the suspended ceiling above the box. However, the officers tasered him and pulled his legs to get him back down.

Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley / YouTube

In a more successful attempt in 2022, a man on trial for drug possession escaped from his actual holding room by going through the ceiling. He made it all the way out of the fire doors and into the local area before the police found him there and re-arrested him.

In 2011, a teenager on trial for attempted robbery, theft, racially aggravated criminal damage and threatening behavior escaped the glass case and he actually broke away from security and made it out of the building. In the most successful escape, a man found guilty of dangerous driving and facing a 10-month sentence escaped completely.

He busted the screen out and escaped the courthouse. He actually remained free before the police found him and brought him back three weeks later. No one knows how long Tommy Lee will remain on the loose in Happy Valley.

Are you a fan of Happy Valley? Were you surprised by Tommy Lee’s shocking escape? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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