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BBC Teases Plans To Reboot Popular 90s Game Show

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A beloved 90s game show is coming back to our TV screens as confirmed by BBC. After being away from fans for more than 20 years, the game show Gladiators is returning under the banners of MGM Television UK and Hungry Bear Media. Popular in the U.S. as American Gladiators, this Saturday night staple will be back with 11 episodes per season.

BBC’s Gladiators Will Return In 2023 With New Games

The original series made its debut in 1992 and was broadcast on ITV, lasting for eight seasons until 2000. This upcoming 2023 game show will welcome a fresh generation of superhumans set to compete against one another in the ultimate test of strength and speed.

Gladiators BBC YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In a press release, BBC revealed, “Gladiators will include brand new games alongside classic challenges culminating at the end of each episode with fan favorite ‘The Eliminator’. Viewers can look forward to feeling the power of the Gladiators once again and can enjoy the challenge of the champions later in 2023.”

Speaking about the upcoming series, Director of Unscripted at the BBC, Kate Phillips, said, “Gladiators is back and a whole new generation of viewers can now look forward to watching a Saturday night spectacle like no other. Will the contenders have the will and the skill to succeed against our mighty new Gladiators? You’ll have to tune in to find out!”

What Is BBC’s Gladiators Game Show All About?

Gladiators’ format brings in four contestants, two female and two male. They compete in a series of physical events against the show’s Gladiators. They eventually compete in one final event as the contestants aim to secure a place in the grand finale to be crowned the champion in their respective series. The show also featured a group of cheerleaders known as the ‘G-Force.’

Gladiators BBC YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per Pop Culture, the success of the British series led to the format being adapted in different parts of the world including Australia. Not just that, the show also had a spin-off series for children titled Gladiators: Train 2 Win. Although the show was revived between May 2008 & October 2009, the show wasn’t as successful.

Will The Original Gladiators Host Return For The Reboot?

Dan Baldwin, MD Hungry Bear, said, “It’s the perfect time for Gladiators to return. What other show combines electric excitement, superheroes, giant sponge fingers, elite athletes, and a pinch of pantomime? What out for the new breed of superhuman, supersized, superstars bursting onto your screens on BBC One and iPlayer.”

Gladiators BBC YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The ITV series became a go-to series for fans when it was at its peak between 1992 and 2000. It also attracted more than 14 million viewers during this time. The show was presented by Ulrika Jonsson throughout its original run alongside Jeremy Guscott and John Fashanu. Whether the same hosts will return for the show hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Are you excited about Gladiators’ upcoming reboot in 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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