Abbie Duggar Makes Rare Appearance With Esther Bates: See Pic

Esther Bates- Instagram - Abbie Duggar Instagram

Former Counting On star Abbie Duggar has made a rare appearance with her best friend, Esther Bates. These days, fans haven’t heard much from Abbie. So, seeing her with Esther this week was a nice surprise. Keep reading for all of the details about these friends and scroll down to see their new photo together.

Abbie Duggar keeps quiet.

Recently, Abbie has been pretty quiet on social media. She shares the occasional post about herself and her family, including John-David, Gracie, and Charlie. Many members of the Duggar family have stopped posting on social media, following Josh’s legal trouble. The former TLC star is currently serving a 12-year sentence. Due to the negative attention the family has received, some of them are staying off of social media to block out the criticism.

So, it might surprise you that Abbie was in a picture this week, but there is a good reason for it.

Abbie Duggar & Esther Bates are close friends.

If you follow Abbie or Esther on social media, you may know that they spend quite a bit of time together. Esther and Nathan are the only Bates family members who live in Arkansas, which is where the Duggars live. So, Esther has gotten to know some of the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law. They get together for festive parties, go out to eat, and take their kids on fun outings.

Below, you can see a picture of Joy-Anna Forsyth, Abbie Duggar, Esther Bates, and Katey Duggar. Along with them are a couple of other friends.

Esther Bates- Instagram - Abbie Duggar
Esther Bates- Instagram – Abbie Duggar

Now, Esther and Abbie are hanging out once again.

See the besties’ new photo together.

As we reported, the Bringing Up Bates family is currently enjoying their ski trip in Colorado. Nathan and Esther are among some of the Bates that tagged along. In a new selfie that Esther posted this week, Abbie Duggar made an appearance. The ladies are all smiles as they pose for a picture outdoors. In the snap, they’re wearing their gear, including heavy coats, hats, helmets, goggles, and more.

Below, you can check out the photo Esther shared on her Instagram Stories.

Esther Bates- Instagram - Abbie Duggar
Esther Bates- Instagram – Abbie Duggar

Hopefully, the Bates family, as well as their friends, enjoy the rest of the trip. Be on the lookout for even more photos soon.

So, are you glad to see this rare photo of Abbie Duggar enjoying herself with her friend Esther Bates? Do you like both the Duggar and Bates families? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about both families.

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