‘Teen Mom’ Ashley Jones Shares Unsettling 2nd Pregnancy News

Ashley Jones on 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' - YouTube, MTV's Teen Mom

Teen Mom alum Ashley Jones opened up about her second pregnancy during the Family Reunion episode that aired on Tuesday. Many of Ashley’s fans have been wondering about the status of the pregnancy and looking for an update from her. Now, Ashley’s comments during the Teen Mom: Family Reunion episode have left some viewers unsettled. Keep reading to see why.

Ashley Jones’ Baby Announcement And Drama

Teen Mom fans will remember the drama surrounding Ashley Jones’ baby announcement. Ashley and her mother got into an altercation with Briana DeJesus and her mom. Following the fight, Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans exposed Ashley’s pregnancy on social media.

All of this occurred while MTV was still filming Teen Mom: Family Reunion, which is airing right now. On Tuesday’s episode, fans got to see this unfold and what happened afterward.

Ashley Jones Tug-o-War with her mom on 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' - YouTube
YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

Ashley Jones and her mom, Tea, sat down with Coach B to discuss the altercation and what was going on. During the conversation, Ashely revealed that she was struggling with a lot of things off-camera that added fuel to the fire. Admittedly, this made her feel more triggered than usual.

Prior to arriving at the house for filming, Ashley’s husband Bar Smith was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from another state. According to The U.S. Sun, this charge stemmed from “previous DUI, willful discharge of a firearm, and negligent manner arrests.” One day before her husband’s arrest is when Ashley Jones found out she was pregnant.

As you can imagine, all of that was traumatic for Ashley.  She felt more defensive and more on edge than she normally would be, leading to the altercation with Briana.

Did The Teen Mom Star Say She’s Not Keeping The Baby?

Ashley sat down with Coach B to explain the details of her stressful days leading up to the time in the house with the other Teen Mom alums. However, she gave an answer to a question that left many fans gobsmacked.

Coach B simply asked if Ashley planned to keep the baby. She replied, “I don’t even know. Although I feel like I want to keep this baby, the reality is s**t ain’t right right now. I’m just hanging on by a thread.”

Ashley Jones interview for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' - YouTube
YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

It is not clear whether the Teen Mom star decided to undergo an abortion or if she lost the baby. While Ashley Jones has not confirmed that she is no longer pregnant, recent TikToks and videos don’t show any bump. She also took to the comments to address some questions more recently.

One follower said they were confused and thought Ashley was pregnant. She got on to respond saying, “I know you guys are wondering but I’m not in a space to disclose that. I’m still processing. Thank you for being concerned.”

Fans hopped into her comment section to wish her well, no matter what happened. One person said, “Praying for you. You’re an amazing strong woman keep shining.” Another offered their condolences, “I’m so sorry for any loss you may have had.”

Ashley Jones is continuing to remain quiet about her second pregnancy, for now. Either way, she has the support of her many fans and followers.

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