‘NCIS: LA’ Disappointing Reason Show Was Canceled?

Many fans were absolutely heartbroken when it was announced that NCIS: LA would be taken off the air after 14 seasons. NCIS: LA has been one of the most popular spinoffs in the NCIS franchise to date.

While many people have taken to social media to air their grievances about the cancelation, others are wondering what led CBS to this decision in the first place. Keep reading to find out the disappointing reason why the show was axed.

NCIS: LA Was More Expensive Than CBS Could Afford

NCIS: LA is CBS’ fifth-longest-running drama series. The announcement that it would be taken off the air following the 14th season was devastating for many fans.

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YouTube/NCIS Los Angeles

When it boils down to it, NCIS: LA was probably more costly to produce than CBS could afford. The network hasn’t come right out and said this but Deadline speculated that budget cuts and declining viewership likely led to this NCIS spinoff being canceled.

With many networks battling declining ratings and implementing budget cuts, they simply couldn’t afford to keep this one on the air. As Deadline pointed out, NCIS: LA was filmed in Los Angeles. The drama series also had a number of big-name leads. This made it a more costly show to film all around.

Fans Speak Out About The Show’s Cancellation

LL Cool J, who has been on NCIS: LA since its debut, shared his thoughts about the program coming to an end. “After 14 seasons, it’s the perfect time to end @NCISLA on top! I look forward to continuing my partnership with @CBSTVStudios,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Fans were quick to jump in the comments and share their thoughts on the show coming to an end. A few people took time to show LL Cool J support for his up-and-coming projects, like Rock the Bells, too.

One person commented, “It had a good run im going to miss kensi deeks sam and callen.” Another chimed in, “Thank you all for creating such wonderful characters that we could love. I’m going to miss all of the NCISLA team.”

A few people also mentioned being surprised by the news. One viewer said they were “absolutely wrecked” by the news and another said that they believed the other NCIS shows should have been canceled instead.

When Is The Last Episode Of NCIS: LA?

Regardless of any protest from fans, it will soon be time to say goodbye to NCIS: LA. Luckily, there is still some time before that happens.

The final episode of NCIS: LA will air on Sunday, May 14 at 10 p.m. EST.

Are you shocked by CBS’ cancellation of NCIS: LA? Let us know in the comments and come back to TV Shows Ace for more entertainment news.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. When CBS moved NCIS:LA to Sunday night that was the nail in the proverbial coffin. Sunday night on CBS during football is where tv shows go to die. Last evening shows never start on time, always bleed into the next shows time slot. I’m surprised it lasted that long on Sunday. LA was my favorite NCIS. Damn shame.

    1. We agree with you. with the football people can’t stay up to watch and get up for work. It’s such a shame, we love the program. Maybe NBC will pick it up like they did Magnum. Can only hope. CBS puts all the shows that are popular on Sunday at 9centra. to put a nail in its coffi.

    2. Damn Shame I Agree!! NCIS: Los Angeles Was My Favorite, but I love ALL the NCIS series they each have their magnetic pull, I watch all of them every week and LOVE all the characters and the Plots to the program, I will especially miss this one, I loved how all the characters were always in sync with each other and the interactions were profound. I will miss them all!!!! My Heart Goes With Them!!!

  2. Unlike the NCIS mothership, NCIS-LA culd not pull off the coming and going of characters and keeping the “family” chemistry of the cast. Heddy has basically been gone for at least three years, and while Killbride is interesting, he’s irritating and harsh. Eric and Nell had way more likebility, humor, and they just fit in better than Roundtree and Namazi. And during COVID, unlike NCIS, the show was shot in a strange fashion with seldom more than two of the main cast on screen at one time. It felt awkward and off, and further hastened the decline in cast chemistry. Unfortunately, the show never felt like it got its footing back after that. All that adds up to ratings decline, and ratings decline plus high production costs equals cancellation.

    1. This makes me soooooo mad. U could have put it on another night. Cbs caused this. Y’all are scary people. I am heart broken. It’s been my favorite show since the beginning.

    2. you nailed it, after Hedy, Nell and Eric left nothing was the same, I kept hoping they would come back but…..

  3. I am disappointed that NCIS is being cancelled NCIS series are all my favorites they need to move it to another night not cancel it!

    1. My favorite an Hawaii is useless take it off along with a lot of new shows like Rookie Feds, which is total garbage and NCIS is better without Gibbs so keep. If McGee let, I would stop watching. Why cancel what s working? Never put a good show in a time slot with any sports event. My husband and I clash here. We have two receivers for peace. He likes LA also but misses it. I am tired of the good shows being axed for new crappy ones.

  4. I am very unhappy with the cancellation of NCIS: LA. They kept the original cast for all 14 seasons, something that can’t be said for the other spin offs. It was just getting interesting with the addition of Roundtree and Namazi, plus the addition of Rosa and Sam’s father and the new person in Ops. Maybe the cast was tired of doing it. I will truly miss it and the cast. Great job Team. And good luck in the future. 😥😥😣😮

  5. So sad to hear Ncis LA will be cancelled. Seems if money is a concern then Ncis Hawaii should go. And keep LA. Put it back on after original Ncis. Another BAD decision by CBS

  6. sad to see it taken off the air, maybe people shouldn’t watch cbs anymore, and let their ratings drop. will keep watching ncis and hawaii.

  7. I am not too happy with CBS either why didn’t they put it on with the other NCIS shows. There is other shows should be cancel too. I could name you about 4 show that are not worth having on TV, but I won’t.

  8. Whoever made the idiotic decision to cancel NCISLA should be fired. I’m so angry. I get it no one at CBS cares what their viewers think, but pulling this stupid stunt was unacceptable. This show WAS my Sunday evening. Listen up, CBS, renew NCISLA and do it NOW!

  9. Only watch a few shows. These shows are because they have been quality since day one. I don’t believe viewership has declined on NCISLA. It was the only quality show on Sunday night. The others try but fall far behind. I want to thank the entire cast for keeping me watching all these years. May you all take care and be safe.

  10. I’m gonna miss NCISLA it .was my favorite and I looked forward to watching every week . CBS has lost my support for any program anymore don’t want to get attached to any more shows that would get canceled when there are a lot more less deserving programs still on the network .

  11. Just watched NCIS-LA and heard the bad news that next week is the series finale. This is sad news for sure. I have watched this show since it started, along with all the other NCIS shows. I don’t buy CBS excuse of lost viewers as the reason… you lost viewers because you put the show on Sunday night after football CBS… bad move on your part. There are at least 5 other shows in CBS’s lineup that should have been cancelled way before NCIS-LA, thats for sure.
    Thanks for the past 14 seasons, I will miss all of you.

  12. It was and is a great series. Should not have been cancelled still had many more stories to be told.
    Great characters and great acting.
    Fun and drama all in one series.
    Really sad to see it end.

  13. The NCIS:LA cast is fantastic! Thank you to all who made this show possible for 14 seasons. I’m so sad that CBS cancelled the show. It’s the best one of all the NCIS shows. I hope they figure out how to bring them back!

  14. These network parasites truly know how to alienate viewers. I do not subscribe to ANY pay TV outlets, so I lost out when “Seal Team” was “dumped” on Paramount +. My good idea is to reopen up Saturday to first run prime time programs. Had this been done, maybe NCIS LA & CSI Miami would have lasted longer, or still be in production. NBC seems to be more loyal to shows, especially if they’re fortunate enough to be part of Dick Wolf’s empire. CBS is lucky to have the FBI triple play, but there are plenty of cowardly ambushes, so carefully guard your sixes.

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