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Kim Kardashian Gets RO Against Dangerous Stalker

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Kim Kardashian finally has a restraining order against a dangerous stalker. The reality star was seeking protection from this creepily obsessed fan that sent her several weird packages including a pricey diamond ring. Citing her emotional distress from these events, the mother of four has been granted a restraining order against the stalker. So, who is this obsessed fan she has sought protection from? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kim Kardashian Communicated With Her Stalker Telepathically?

On Monday, the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Adrian Gidaya Roxas granted Kim a permanent five-year RO. As per the court order, the stalker has to stay a minimum of 100 yards away from the Hulu star which prohibits him from contacting her directly or indirectly. As per the restraining order filed by the SKNN owner’s legal team, the man named Jomonie Victor Zigler persistently attempted to get in touch with Kim several times. Moreover, he believes that Kim has been communicating with him in some way.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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As noted in the court documents obtained by TMZ, Kim Kardashian said, “The man claimed that I had been communicating with him telepathically. He has also expressed increasing frustration that I have not responded to him.”

Kim Kardashian Has Never Met Her Stalker

Although Kim Kardashian has never met or spoken with the stalker, he has attempted to access her residence in three separate instances in August 2022. During her latest trip to New York, he also attempted to access her hotel. The reality star also vocalized that she was worried that without a RO, the man might attempt to gain access to her in any form. It might also escalate to physical violence, especially after he had claimed that he owned a gun.

As noted in the restraining order, Roxas cannot own, possess, or buy any firearms. Moreover, he also has to surrender all firearms that he currently owns to law enforcement.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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The stalker, Roxas, started making visits to Kim Kardashian’s mansion in December 2022. However, he was stopped immediately by her security. Yet, he found another way to get the TV star’s attention. He took to social media to post explicit messages about her and even referred to her as his wife. Furthermore, Kim was sent multiple items to her home including the aforementioned diamond ring and keys to a hotel room.

Kim Kardashian Also Has A RO Against Another Stalker

Jomoni has a criminal history including threats and firearms. Kim Kardashian claims his invasive actions have caused her emotional distress. This RO will last until Jimoni faces a hearing scheduled for next month. However, this isn’t Kim’s first brush with a stalker. Back in December, the 42-year-old got a restraining order against a man named Andre Persaud who tried to break into her Los Angeles home thrice.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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