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‘Today’ Why Did Al Roker Compare Himself To The ‘Crazy Uncle’?

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Al Roker recently returned to The Today Show after a months-long hiatus due to medical problems. Now, that Al is back on the morning program, it seems as though he’s back to himself and pulling no punches. Now, he’s calling himself the “crazy uncle” of the group. Why? Keep reading to see what led to this revelation.

Craig Melvin Gets Out Of Character On Today 

Over the last year or so, Al Roker has become known for being kind of awkward and blunt on The Today Show. More recently, his comment on Craig Melvin’s Instagram post garnered a little bit of attention too.

Screenshot of Al Roker's comment on Craig Melvin's post - Instagram
Instagram/Craig Melvin

The animated photo showed the Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid sitting with the quarterback for the team, Patrick Mahomes. They appear to be eating in a Waffle House-style restaurant.

In the background, you can see Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence dressed up like an employee. Of course, Lawrence looks dejected and upset. This followed Jacksonville’s loss to KC on Sunday. Craig shared it to his Instagram and captioned it, “Mean but funny.”

Al Roker was one of the first people to comment saying, “Ouch.” He and Craig Melvin have bumped heads on several topics before. Others were quick to lash out at Craig Melvin, saying that the post was both spiteful and out of character.

“I’ve always told my kids character shows in the way you win. Be better,” one person commented. “Unnecessary…lost a lot of respect for you,” another added.

Normally, Melvin’s posts are more uplifting and focused on sharing heart-warming moments. He wasn’t the only one to take to Instagram and share how he’s been feeling recently though.

Al Roker Claims Title Of America’s Crazy Uncle

Al Roker posted a photo of himself looking animated and upset on the show, a look viewers often see in heated discussions. However, his caption is what had people talking.

Roker captioned the snapshot, “Proud to be America’s #crazyuncle.”


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A post shared by Al Roker (@alroker)

Fans were quick to jump in the comments and let Al Roker know how much they love him. “You aren’t crazy but you are our fave Uncle,” one fan commented. Another person added, “Proud to call you out uncle, America’s uncle. You are not crazy. Funny, wise, compassionate, thoughtful.”

Other people popped into the comments to let Al know that he was a great “crazy uncle” and that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is Al Roker really America’s crazy uncle? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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