Josiah Roloff Has Mommy Tori Wrapped Around His Fingers

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Little People, Big World cast member, Tori Roloff, has been happy to share more pictures of her son, Josiah Roloff. He is about nine months old now and he just keeps growing! Tori’s Instagram page is filled with adorable moments with her son. She has shared his first word with her fans and she continues to boast about how wonderful he is. It is clear that Josiah Roloff is a very special child to Tori and her husband Zach Roloff.

Josiah Roloff Wins His Mother’s Heart

Now that Tori is taking some time off from Little People, Big World, she has been taking care of her home and her three children. When she and Zach welcomed Josiah Roloff into the family, they were thrilled! As he grows, Tori continues to share adorable photos and videos of him with her fans. She recently shared some pictures of him on her Instagram account and her fans can see just how he has won his mother’s heart. Tori shared three pictures of him in his crib. She wrote, “Send help. How am I ever going to tell this kid no?!”

Tori Roloff- Instagram
Tori Roloff- Instagram

Tori’s fans were quick to share their comments on these photos. Josiah Roloff got a lot of love from them. One fan wrote, “Look at that darling boy! He is growing up so fast! I can’t believe it!” Another added, “Oh good luck with that one! Look at that face! He’s precious!” A final fan wrote, “He had that glint in his eyes! You are in trouble, mom. Make Zach be the one to tell him no!”

Raising Kids And A Family Feud

Tori and Zach have two other children, Jackson and Lilah. Jackson has been a great big brother and recently, Tori shared videos of the two of them bonding. From watching her videos on social media, of her kids, they are very happy children and they love to spend time together. Additionally, Tori has shared that watching her kids is pretty bittersweet. However, she loves seeing her children bonding together. Also, she shared some cute videos of Lilah dancing during a movie night.

Tori Roloff- TLC
Tori Roloff- TLC

Overall, Tori seems incredibly happy to have three adorable children. However, there have been fans that think that she uses them to throw shade at Matt Roloff. In fact, there was one photo that she shared that fans were very curious about. In this photo, Josiah was on the tractor and Tori wrote that he was ready when “Dad was ready for him to take over.” Her fans immediately thought she was throwing shade at Matt since he did not sell them the farm. Overall, Tori doesn’t seem like that kind of person to her fans.

By looking at Josiah’s face, could you tell him no? Let us know what you think about Tori’s photos in the comments below. Stay here at Tv Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.

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