Alexis Ren Chews Nails & Tussles Hair In Playful Photos

Alexis Ren [Twitter]

Alexis Ren was playful as she chewed her nails and tussled her hair in her new photos. The Dancing with the Stars alum tantalized her fans and followers on Instagram. Keep on reading to learn more and see the snapshots for yourself.

The model shows off cleavage in a white strapless bra

Earlier this week, Alexis Ren posted a carousel of photos of herself in a white strapless bra. She also rocked full-out glam in the lingerie. Her blonde hair was blown out and she wore a full face of makeup, which consisted of groomed brows, foundation, and pink lipstick. In the photos, she played with her hair and chewed on her nails.

The Instagram influencer batted her eyelashes and flirted with the camera. In her caption, Alexis talked about her love of playing dress-up. This is something she has always done ever since she was a little girl. Alexis was inspired by her mom, who she recalls doing her makeup when she was young.

Alexis Ren Wears Plunging Neckline [Twitter]
“I love playing dress up and make believe. As a young girl, I made outfits for each day of the week and lined them up on my bed,” Alexis Ren wrote in her Instagram post. “I watched my mom do her  makeup, the counter covered with eyeshadow and lipstick.”

Even though her mom took care of four kids, she always made time for herself. She got ready in the mornings. That’s when Alexis realized that beauty isn’t something you should keep buried, but you should “express” to the world. That’s her goal. She wants to dress up however she wants and take photos.

“My childhood passion quickly became my adulthood career,” Alexis Ren continued. “But as I got older, it wasn’t make believe anymore. Beauty became my armor because it was the mask that I was most comfortable wearing.”

In her lengthy post, Alexis shared that she’s no longer using beauty to hide behind. She’s now becoming the “12-year-old” girl who was “excited to play dress up.” She wants to continue to convey her inner child in her Instagram posts.

Alexis Ren attracts hundreds of thousands

With her stunning photos and caption, Alexis Ren attracted hundreds of thousands. At the time of this writing, she received over 280,000 likes. Most fans took to the comment section to say “hi” to the DWTS alum. Others shared their thoughts on her selfies.

  • “So cute.”
  • “I love you!”
  • “Girl you are drop dead gorgeous! I don’t suppose anyone has ever told you that before. I’ve fallen in love again with an angel.”
  • “Beautiful!!!”

What are your thoughts on Alexis Ren chewing on her nails and tussling her hair in her new photos? Do you the message behind her Instagram post? Sound off below in the comment section.

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