Tori Spelling Blows Cash On OnlyFans With Kids In Hospital

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Tori Spelling has admitted to blowing cash on OnlyFans. All of this while her children have been in and out of the hospital. So, how much has she spent and who has she spent it on? Read on for more details.

Tori Spelling Blows Cash On OnlyFans With Kids In Hospital

It has been a hectic few months for Tori Spelling. Her kids just cannot seem to stay healthy. First, her youngest son, Beau had to miss three weeks of school due to being sick. Then, in early December, after he was all better and back in class, he fell ill again. Right after that, close to Christmas, Tori was sent to the hospital when she struggled to breathe and felt dizzy. Some thought she was exaggerating but she posted a photo from the hospital bed. Last week, Tori’s eldest daughter, Stella found herself in the hospital.

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Finally, Beau was back in the hospital for his renal scan. He has one kidney that does not completely empty itself so he needs to be checked out. However, the family was not in the clear as Tori Spelling’s eldest son, Liam found himself in the hospital that same day. He had a viral infection which caused a migraine and neck pain. Throughout all of this illness running rampant and hospital visits, Tori paid a visit to Jeff Lewis Live. There, she revealed that she had blown a lot of cash on a particular OnlyFans celeb.

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Denise Richards

According to People, Tori Spelling admitted to Jeff Lewis that she spent $400 on her good friend, Denise Richards’ OnlyFans in just two days. At first, Tori just perused it as she was “fascinated” by it all and wanted to learn more. “So I looked at it, and of course, it shows something, and unless you subscribe, you can’t get it. So, of course, I subscribed under a fake name. It’s riveting, because they’re like, ‘Hey, we might show you this in this shower.’ And I just want to see. It’s my friend. Like, ‘Hey, how far is she going?’ ” she shared.

The Money Starts To Flow

So, how did Tori Spelling drop $400 on Denise’s OnlyFans in just two days? “They say, allegedly, if you tip them, they get back to you faster. So, I was like, ‘Hey, love what I’m seeing. Would love to see some more.’ I ended up, in the course of two days, spending $400. I couldn’t stop,” the author explained. This is just another odd turn of events for Spelling who also owes 1.3 million dollars in unpaid taxes from some prior ventures. She also indulged her family in a lavish meal that had heads turning. Somehow between tax drama and extensive hospital scares, she was able to drop $400 on OnlyFans.

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