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Did Tori Spelling Fake Scary Hospital Stay, What Happened?

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Tori Spelling was just sent to the hospital but what happened? More so, was she exaggerating her illness? The actress and reality star was admitted on Tuesday, December 20th. However, some fans and followers are not so sure that she really was as sick as she claimed to be. So, what exactly is wrong with her, and will she be okay? Read on for more details.

Did Tori Spelling Fake Scary Hospital Stay, What Happened?

Tori Spelling has found herself in the hospital. According to Us Weekly, she had several symptoms, including feeling dizzy. Per the mother of five, she was experiencing a “hard time breathing, [with] high blood pressure and crazy dizziness.” That was enough for her to feel she needed to seek medical attention. Once there, she took a selfie for her Instagram stories in her hospital gown and had a message for those who did not believe that she was truly sick.

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“Here I am in [the] hospital since late last night. To all of you who gas lit me when you were told I [was] too sick to work, well here I am.How about next time [you] take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness,” she wrote. The author went on to add: “Remember, for people like me, NOT working is a nightmare. I’m a hustler and a workaholic. I always choose work.” Currently, Spelling is awaiting the doctors as they are conducting a series of tests to determine the cause of her illness.

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However, she noted that she just wants to leave and be with her kids for the holiday. Illness has been quite prevalent in the Spelling-McDermott home as her son, Liam was just sick for nearly a month. It caused him to miss around three weeks of school only to fall ill once again. It seems that a handful of her home had been feeling off so her being under the weather should come as no surprise.

Holiday Excitement

Tori Spelling has good reason to want to get home to her family for the holidays. This year, even her husband, Dean McDermott was able to make it into the holiday photo. Plus, he has reiterated that their marriage is extremely intact and that they are more in love than ever. Furthermore, they will have a full house this Christmas. Dean’s ex-wife’s daughter is currently living with them so along with their five kids and his son, Jack, there will be seven children for the festivities.

Hopefully, the doctors can figure out what is wrong fast and it is nothing serious. Sending positive vibes to Tori and her family. Are you shocked people thought that she was faking being sick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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