Todd & Julie Chrisley Surrendered: Officially Start Prison Sentences

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Todd and Julie Chrisley are now expected to serve their prison sentences. On Tuesday, January 17, they turned themselves in for a lengthy lockup. Keep on reading for more details.

Chrisley Knows Best stars head to prison

Per TMZ, Todd and Julie Chrisley are now heading to prison. Todd will report to the FPC Pensacola, which is a minimum security prison in Florida. The reality star will serve 12 years.

Julie has to go to a separate prison in Lexington, Kentucky, which is located at Federal Medical Center Lexington. She’s serving a seven-year sentence. The couple is serving for their convictions in bank and wire fraud and tax evasion.

Julie & Todd Chrisley [YouTube]
In November 2022, a judge sentenced Todd to 12 years in jail, while Julie received a 7-year sentence. The news shook fans at the time. This spells the end of their long-running reality series, Chrisley Knows Best as well as their spinoff series, Growing Up Chrisley.

Todd will have to wear a green shirt and pants in prison with white socks and black shoes. This is a change from the fashion that he used to flaunt on the USA Network series. The prison where he’s staying has a strict schedule that starts with a 4:45 a.m. wake-up call.

Both Todd and Julie Chrisley filed motions. They asked for bail pending amid an appeal. However, the judge denied the request. The couple will have to serve their respective prison sentences today.

Todd & Julie Chrisley share a message

According to another report, Todd and Julie Chrisley are staying strong in their faith. The two are deeply devout Christians. Todd has a final message before they head to prison. He wants to keep his faith in his mind as he takes part in the hardest moment of his life.

“HE is always on time… #fightthegoodfight,” Todd wrote alongside a clip of gospel singer Karen Peck performing “Four Days Late.”

Savannah recently opened up about Todd’s Instagram page. She shared on her podcast that she is responsible for his page. That explains the story behind his inspirational posts. As for Julie Chrisley’s Instagram page, she had to turn off the comments.

Todd & Julie Chrisley [YouTube]
She thought it was best for both of them to avoid social media during this time. The family went through a difficult year and it’s only going to get harder for them. Savannah shared her support for her father on Todd’s Instagram post with the comment: “I love you daddy. ❤️”

The family won’t be spending time together in the years to come. Fans are still praying for this during this time. Todd and Julie Chrisley have denied the allegations.

Todd Chrisley Sticks To His Faith [Todd Chrisley | Instagram]
[Todd Chrisley | Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Todd and Julie Chrisley heading to prison? Does this shock you? Do you think they will serve their entire sentence? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Devout Christians? Seriously. Money is the root of all evil. Isn’t greed one of the deadly sins? Along with pride? And no, they will not serve out their full terms because rich, white people never do

    1. He’s not a devout Christian. He is a hypocrite who was obviously very comfortable with stealing to live his phony lifestyle. It always amazes me how these crooks turn to God when they’ve been caught. Serve your time for the crime I hope you’re miserable.

  2. I hope God will have mercy on both of them. We all make mistakes. I don’t think they deserve such harsh sentences.
    I will pray for them.

  3. I think it’s terrible that they are going to prison for so long. They could be doing a lot of good doing community service for maybe years. They could pay back any money that they owe. They would be home to take care of their kids and parents they could be on house arrest, except for community service, there is no reason for them to be in this prison for that long. We have way too many people in prison in this country there needs to be different punishment for white-collar crimes. I love the Chrisley‘s do I think they are guilty only God knows he is the judge , I hope they will be safe and I pray they will get out with an appeal

  4. I love the Chrisley’s and they made a mistake they are far from perfect but I don’t think they belong in prison! Let them pay what they owe and be with their families!

  5. This is what happens when you leave your money in the hands of investors, they’re always screwing you and not doing the right thing with it. I’ve never trusted someone else to take care of my money.
    And Yes, I’m sure they knew about some of it. They’re not innocent in all this.
    And Let’s just leave the Race Card out of this, I’m sure lots of people in all forms of life are serving time for same thing. Just a Shame all the way around.Prayers for their kids and Grandkids..

  6. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! They just got caught. I don’t wish them any harm, but if it were you or I we’d have to serve our sentence and don’t have their kind of funding to hire attorneys to help us! Also they have adult children that can look after the minors…or can they? They seem to be spoiled, self entitled big brats! They also have a big fan base that will stand by them! This should play out like it would any one else that isn’t entitled!

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