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Yellow Magic Orchestra: Yukihiro Takahashi Dead At 70


Sad news for fans of Yellow Magic Orchestra as their lead singer and drummer, Yukihiro Takahashi, was confirmed dead at 70. Yukihiro Takahashi helped found the Japanese electronic music band, Yellow Magic Orchestra, back in 1978 in Tokyo alongside Haruomi Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

According to both The Japan Times and The Rolling Stones, the talented Japanese musician passed away on Wednesday of last week. Reports confirming his passing were released over the weekend.

Was the singer and drummer’s cause of death made public? What else is known about this incredibly talented musician? Keep reading for the details.

Yellow Magic Orchestra: Yukihiro Takahashi Dead At 70

In the summer of 2020, Yukihiro Takahashi went under the knife to have a brain tumor removed. In 2021, he took to Twitter to reveal he would be having more related treatments. Reports, however, do not suggest his cause of death was related to brain tumors. The musician reportedly kicked off the new year battling pneumonia. Sadly, his cause of death is being reported by multiple outlets as pneumonia.

Closer Look At His Life

Yukihiro Takahashi was born in Tokyo in 1952. He was only in high school when he realized he had both a passion and talent for drumming. The musician’s rise to fame kicked off when he was recruited to play drums for Sadistic Mika Band back in 1972. The group was wildly successful in the United Kindom. After the Sadistic Mika Band broke up, Yellow Magic Orchestra was formed.

Yellow Magic Orchestra very first single was called “Computer Game.” The single was a surprising hit around the world. Takahashi was credited for composing some of the group’s greatest hits including “Rydeen.”

His former bandmate Ryuichi Sakamoto posted a large grey square on Twitter. The post served as an outlet for fans of Yellow Magic Orchestra to pay their respects to the passing of the drummer and lead singer.

In the comments, one individual explained why Sakamoto posted the grey square:


Rest in peace, Yukihiro Takahashi. Your memory will live on forever via your music.

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