Kanye West’s Legal Team To Drop Him Via Newspaper Ad

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Kanye West has been extremely difficult to nail down. This difficulty is what caused rumors he was missing and rumors he was dead to swirl. Even sources close to his ex-wife and the mother of his children claim Kim has had an impossible time having important conversations with him because he’s so off the grid.

As Tv Shows Ace has reported previously, Kanye West’s legal team has been looking for him so they could present him with the judge’s court order that they will no longer be representing him as a client. Thus far, the legal team has not had any luck nailing Kanye down to present him with this paperwork. So, according to TMZ, the legal team has decided to take an unconventional and very public approach to “breaking up” with Kanye.

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Kim and Kanye West – Wikmedia Commons

The legal team plans to serve Kanye West via newspaper ad

Kanye West’s legal team is done with him. They’ve been done with him for a while. But, legally, they have to serve him with a court order before they can officially drop him as a client. Unfortunately, they’ve been unable to make contact with him. So, they’ve been unable to take the necessary step to cut ties with him.

Speaking to TMZ, Greenberg Traurig, LLP notes that the phone number they had to contact Kanye has been disconnected. And, they just can’t figure out how to get in touch with the rapper.

Unable to contact him, the legal team has been forced to look for an alternative way to reach out to Kanye with the proper information. One alternative method they are considering includes putting an ad in two different newspapers based in L.A. The legal team plans to publish the judge’s order that allows them to withdraw from the case and drop him as a client.

Kanye West - Flickr
Kanye West – Flickr

The legal team explains the hope of the newspaper ad is to make sure the court order reaches the rapper as he’s been completely incommunicado for them to do so in any other fashion. The legal team believes a newspaper ad is the best and only option left for reaching Kanye and giving him proper notice. Moreover, the legal team tells TMZ it is well aware of the attention taking out this advertisement in these newspapers will receive. The attention, however, will ultimately increase the chances of the information actually making it to Kanye’s eyes.

Is the legal team invading his privacy with this very public approach? Or, has he left them with no other options? Let us know in the comments down below.

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