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Serene Russell Talks More On Wedding, Quitting Teaching Job

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Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Serene Russell is still going strong with Brandon Jones and talking more about her upcoming wedding plans. She is also dishing out more details about why she decided to quit teaching. She’s already packed up and moved from Oklahoma to California to be with Brandon. Keep reading to find out more about what’s going on in their world.

Serene Russell talks wedding and teaching

Bachelor Nation shared what Serene Russell had to say about her 2024 wedding to Brandon plus all about leaving her teaching job. As for their wedding day, Serene dished that the only reason an exact date isn’t set is because they don’t want to plan it in the wrong season. For example they do not want to have a mountain wedding in the winter.

Serene said, “We don’t want to do something seasonal in the wrong season like getting married in the mountains when it’s winter. So we’re trying to nail down exactly what kind of wedding we want and where we want it and then we will start talking about dates. We do have a year, though, it will be in 2024!”

If anyone has venue ideas, Serene wants fans to send them her way!

Serene also dished deeper on why she left her teaching job. She said, “I have a degree in professional media/journalism and I wanted to get back into that. I do miss teaching a lot, it’s highly rewarding and I loved my students more than anything, they were so much fun. But I want to pursue my other passions with media. If you know me in real life, you know that’s all I talk about.”

Serene is open to a lot of different options career wise. She said she loves “news, entertainment news, magazines, or photography or something like that.” She went on to say she would be happy and lucky to do any of those. Others from Bachelor Nation have gone to have successful careers in journalism such as Rachel Lindsay.

Serene Russell and Brandon Jones via YOuTube

How many kiddos do they want?

Serene and Brandon seem to really be couple goals. They are happy and really loving building their future together. One thing the two have discussed in regards to their future is how many children they both want. The verdict? They both decided they want to have three kids together. Brandon says they want three boys.

What do you think about Serene and Brandon looking for venue ideas for their wedding? Do you think she would be a good fit in the entertainment world?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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