Trouble In Paradise? Serene Russell Explains Not Wearing Ring

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Trouble in paradise? Serene Russell was seen without her engagement ring and fans instantly jumped to conclusions. Now, Serene is sharing her thoughts and her side of the story about why she was seen with no ring. Are she and Brandon Jones still going strong? Keep reading to find out more

Serene Russell speaks out after being seen with no ring

Bachelor Nation shared what Serene Russell had to say about being seen without her engagement ring. A picture she shared on Instagram is what got fans buzzing. They instantly went to the comment section to ask where Brandon was. Many instantly noticed the missing ring on her hand and commented they hoped they didn’t break up.

Serene set the record straight after all the buzz. She shared a photo of herself and Brandon together and said, “Y’all when I model, sometimes there’s gonna be a shoot without my ring on, especially if it took place before the finale so before I could wear it out.”

So, Brandon and Serene are still together and still going strong. In fact, they have recently moved in together in San Diego.

Brandon also commented on her photo saying, “God took his TIME with you”

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Their plans for the future

Fans are so happy that Serene and Brandon are still a hot couple and look very much in love. Everyone loves following them and can’t wait for them to make it all official and get married.

The duo has not set a date for a wedding yet. However, it is something they have been discussing and churning out ideas for their big event.

Serene and Russell are adorable but she’s made it clear they are just like any other couple out there. When asked a fan if they fight, she said of course they do. They have little fights just like every other couple in the world.

Brandon also had a response to the fighting question. He said, “No, we don’t fight! Except about how Serene hasn’t replaced the stock images in our picture frames with pictures of us. Like why do we have these random people on the wall?!”

Of course, fans know that Brandon and Serene got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Watching their love story was something special for fans to see after having to observe so much other drama. They are the only couple to still be together following the finale.

What do you think about Brandon and Serene?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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