‘Pillow Talk’ Molly Hopkins’ Ex-Boyfriend Kelly Speaks Out

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Pillow Talk star Molly Hopkins’ ex-boyfriend Kelly Brown is speaking out. It has been a rough few months for Molly as she and her best friend/business partner, Cynthia Decker had a falling out. Though no one is quite sure what happened between the longtime friends, it clearly was not good at all. Now, it appears that things are soured between Molly and ‘Cop’ Kelly, as well. What did he have to say? Read on for more details.

Pillow Talk Molly Hopkins’ Ex-Boyfriend Kelly Speaks Out

Kelly Brown had become a fan favorite when he was first introduced on The Single Life. After Molly Hopkins’ horrible experience with her ex-husband Luis, she was ready to get her groove back. That was when she met ‘Cop’ Kelly and he made her very happy. However, he lived in New York and she resided in Georgia. They somehow were able to make it work and spent a lot of time together. He even appeared with her on Pillow Talk.

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Fans loved seeing them still together and enjoyed their banter. He also got along well with Molly’s daughters, especially her youngest who had special needs. Kelly was the antithesis of her ex-husband yet it seems the fairy tale has come to an end. Now it looks like this is all over. According to In Touch, Kelly stopped following Molly Hopkins on social media around the time she had her falling out with Cynthia.

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That was in November when Cynthia Decker shared that their friendship was over. Then, Kelly and Molly did not spend the holidays together so it looks like her battles trickled down the line. Recently, he shared the above message on his Instagram stories. It was very telling that he obviously doesn’t trust whomever he recently gave his heart to. That person would presumably be Molly Hopkins.

What Went Wrong?

It is unclear what went wrong with Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown. Everything seemed to be going great as he was headed to live with her permanently. The only issue that they really faced was that she could not have any more children. Yet, they seemed to rectify this situation and were considering other options. This seems to be a thing of the past as is her friendship with Cynthia. That was a friendship that spanned decades. In fact, Cynthia was the one who encouraged Molly to try out for 90 Day Fiance with her lover, Luis. Though that failed, Molly became a staple on Pillow Talk, bringing Kelly along for the ride.

Why do you think Kelly and Molly Hopkins broke up? More so, are you shocked by this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. i dont really know what the probllem is but i never liked kelly .i do like molly she seems like a nice person and a fun person which kelly isnt .i hope the girls can mend their friendship life is so short .i have a friend who hasnt spoken to me in years and i miss the friendship .some things arnt wortgh getting mad abot

  2. I love them all. it is hard losing a friendship after many years. along with your boyfriend. I do not and will not judge any of those involved. I think you all are stand up people. Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not necessarily the ones we wanted. prayers for health and good life.

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