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Cynthia Shares Her Pain Over Losing Bestie Molly & Business

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Cynthia Decker is sharing her sadness over losing both her bestie and the business that they shared. 90 Day Fiance fans will remember that Cynthia was Molly Hopkins‘ ride-or-die as well as her business partner. However, things have gone down between the two women and it has drastically changed. Now, Cynthia is opening up about her pain. Read on for more details.

Cynthia Decker Shares Her Pain Over Losing Bestie Molly & Business

Back in November, Cynthia Decker confirmed that she and Molly Hopkins were no longer friends. According to In Touch, fans were questioning on Instagram why Cynthia was not appearing on Pillow Talk. She took to the comments section and broke the news. “Molly and I are no longer friends,” she started. She went on to add: “I will not be back on Pillow Talk. I wish I had a different answer for you.” Immediately, fans were very confused. What went down and more so, what would happen to their Livi Rae business?

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The two women co-owned and founded the lingerie company together. Molly soon posted this to the company’s IG page: “Livi Rae Lingerie is undergoing several structural changes, as do many businesses. Please note regardless of internal changes, we are still very much in business and our doors are open and we are operating as normal.” Now, two months after Cynthia first said the friendship was over, she is opening up again. She took to her Instagram to share her feelings of heartbreak.


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In an Instagram post, Cynthia Decker is posing with her daughter. She explains that her daughter always has her back but that these have been some very tough times. Cynthia had been crying all day, filled with anxiety over losing her best friend and her business in one split second. Luckily, her daughter was able to pick her up and make her feel so much better when she thought all hope was gone. In the end, Cynthia is hopeful that others will see the post and feel empowered.

No More Pillow Talk

Cynthia Decker first appeared with Molly when she met her ex-husband Luis on 90 Day Fiance. She actually encouraged her best friend to apply for the show. Even after Luis and Molly ended their marriage, Cynthia was by her side and the two became a dynamic duo in both business and on Pillow Talk. Fans loved watching their banter and are surely going to miss them together. Unfortunately, the truth may never come out as to why things went sour but we wish Cynthia well.

Are you shocked that Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins are no longer friends? Will you miss them on Pillow Talk? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I wish Molly and Cynithia could make up they were each other’s Ying and Yang maybe 90 day fiancé can pair uptal Cynthia on some other spin off or group her with another cast member
    Really loved both of them.

    1. I really wish that they can work out their differences. those two are great together.And I miss seeing them on Pillow Talk.
      come on ladies get it together
      please. Good friends are hard to come by.

  2. Molly is the real star of the show, and Cynthia didnt add anything to the show except her “twangy” irritating voice.


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