’90 Day Fiance’ Molly Hopkins Is A BOMBSHELL After HUGE Weight Loss- See Pics

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Former 90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins has always been proud of being voluptuous. She even has a lingerie store where she outfits women of all sizes. Most recently, Hopkins was seen flaunting her figure on 90 Day: The Single Life. Now, the Georgia beauty is showing off a slimmed-down physique and she looks amazing.

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90 Day Fiance Dreams Shattered

Molly has not had an easy road to happiness. When viewers first met her, she was bringing her fiance Luis to America. They had met when she was on vacation and fell in love. Unfortunately, it was not an easy transition. He did not bond with her eldest daughter. Furthermore, Luis would start fights over absolutely nothing in the home. This left Molly feeling drained and like less of a woman.

They started planning their wedding but it started to take a turn. Soon, Molly had to admit the truth. It did not matter what happened with the actual wedding because they had already legally tied the knot. Without anyone knowing, Molly and Luis had signed the marriage papers so their wedding day was just a formality. Her family was stunned she had done something behind their backs.

With a broken marriage and so much deceit, she had to pick her life back up. Molly appeared on Pillow Talk and became a fan favorite. Eventually, she joined the discovery+ spin-off, 90 Day: The Single Life where she introduced her boyfriend, Kelly. The only caveat was he lived in New York and wanted kids. Looks like she has finally found all of her personal happiness.

Molly Turns Her Life Around

Still with cop Kelly, Molly has a new direction in life and it is all about fitness. She has been posting on Instagram about a new weight loss diet she has been trying. Molly has started Plexus, which Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Maddie Brish are both on. On July 20th, Molly shared she had gotten Kelly on the Plexus bandwagon, as well. Her followers don’t believe she is really just using the product.

Yesterday, Molly did a #TestimonyTuesday. She showcased how far she has come in the past few months with a side-by-side comparison. Followers still do not believe it is strictly Plexus and plant-based but Molly says the “proof is in the pudding.” One follower said: “You are always a hot mama!!” Another added: “Looking beautiful Molly!! Love you!!”

Credit: Molly Hopkins Instagram
Credit: Molly Hopkins Instagram

What do you think of her transformation? She has come a long way since 90 Day Fiance but back and better than ever.

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