Josie Bates Addresses Pregnancy Rumors & Reveals Baby Plans

Josie Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Josie Bates Balka is addressing the pregnancy rumors about her and opening up about her baby plans. The mother of two wanted to set the record straight as fans continued speculating that another little one was on the way. Keep reading for all of the details about the rampant pregnancy rumors and see how Josie responded.

Bringing Up Bates fans think she might be expecting.

As TV Shows Ace reported, fans have recently been speculating that Josie Bates is pregnant again. She and her husband Kelton Balka currently share three-year-old Willow and one-year-old Hazel. Willow will be four in July 2023 and Hazel will turn two in June 2023. So, fans feel that it’s the right time for a pregnancy announcement if Josie and Kelton want to keep the same age gaps between all of their kids.

Below, you can see a throwback photo from Josie’s pregnancy with Hazel.

Josie Bates Instagram
Josie Bates Instagram

Josie Bates sets the record straight.

It sounds like Josie is tired of all of the speculation and wants to clear things up once and for all. This week on Instagram, Josie had a Q&A session and allowed fans to submit questions for her to answer. As usual, she received a question about her plans for baby number three. One fan asked, “When will you have baby number 3?”

In response, she recorded a little video and addressed the rumors. The former Bringing Up Bates star acknowledged that many fans have asked her this question. She said, “I honestly have no idea, though. I really don’t know.”

Then, Josie Bates explained, “We love the stage of life we’re in right now, like, we are obsessed with Willow and Hazel. I love their ages. I just want to, like, soak up every moment with them and enjoy it.”

She went on to talk about having more babies and said, “We would love more babies at some point, but we are just so happy with the stage we’re in right now.”

She admitted that she gets “the fever” when she holds a baby but added that they’re “not in a hurry.”

You can watch Josie Bates’ full explanation video below.

Based on Josie’s response, it doesn’t sound like she’s actually pregnant right now. And it might be a little while before she and Kelton add another little one to their crew.

So, did you think that Josie Bates Balka might be pregnant with baby number three? What do you think of her response to these rumors? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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