Bryan Cranston Shares Private Conversation With Anthony Hopkins

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Despite being a rather successful actor with over 150 credits to his name, Bryan Cranston is no stranger to getting starstruck by other celebrities. In fact, the Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle alum recalls getting starry-eyed after an interaction with Anthony Hopkins. Ironically, despite being about 20 years older than Bryan Cranston, Anthony Hopkins has about 20 fewer credits to his acting resume than Bryan.

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Bryan Cranston recalls Anthony Hopkins leaving him starry-eyed

Turns out, even celebrities find themselves feeling starry-eyed by other celebrities from time to time.

During an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Bryan Cranston opened up about “a beautiful letter” that he received from Anthony Hopkins a few years ago. Bryan explained that Anthony wanted to tell him about how much he loved Breaking Bad. Cranston scribed the letter as “phenomenal” and really touched his heart because of how much he looked up to Anthony as an actor.

The Breaking Bad alum admitted that he eventually made plans with Anthony and sat down to enjoy a meal with him in L.A. Cranson recalled being “in awe” as he enjoyed a meal with a man he considered to be one of the greatest actors of all time.

You try not to be starstruck and you also don’t want to be a fanboy and say, ‘And then what about this movie? And then what about that movie?’ You want to be able to have a decent conversation. So it’s kind of nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.”

Bryan Cranston admitted it was awkward and troublesome as a celebrity to interact with another celebrity you admire because the last thing he wanted to do was come off as a cringy fanboy.

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Bryan Cranston in his masterful role as Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’

The purpose of the interview

Now, the purpose of the interview was for the actor to sit down with People Magazine and discuss returning to the Showtime series Your Honor for Season 2. The news came as a bit of a shock as Showtime initially presented Your Honor as a limited series. And, subscribers didn’t really think the network was considering a second season.

Fortunately, those waiting for Season 2 of Your Honor won’t have to wait too long as the new season drops in just a few days.

Bryan Cranston returns to Showtime on January 15th for the Season 2 Premiere of Your Honor. 

Have you ever thought about celebrities getting to meet celebrities that they consider themselves to be fans of? What do you think of Showtime’s Your Honor? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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