Lauren Zima Talks Quitting Her Recap For Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima via Instagram 1

Lauren Zima opened up about quitting her hilarious, fun filled Bachelor recap after Chris Harrison left the show. She appeared on Chris Harrison’s  podcast as the his first official guest. The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever premiered Monday with the first two episodes dropping. Chris and Lauren both opened up about the hard times they have endured due to the controversial interview between Chris and Rachel Lindsay. Keep reading to find out more.

Lauren Zima talks about not doing her Bachelor recap

Lauren Zima got emotional on Chris Harrison’s debut podcast. He got emotional multiple times as well. Lauren, who is now his fiancé, used to do a segment on Entertainment Tonight called ‘Roses and Rosé’ recapping The Bachelor. When everything went down with Chris, Lauren stopped doing it.

Chris was quick to say that everything that happened to him also happened to her. However, it brought them closer together and he says he loves her even more.

As for her recap she said, “’Roses and Rosé’ [was] such a joy in my life for me. How I felt about my job changed a lot after I stopped that because I realized that was really what I got so much happiness from. I wasn’t ready to end that show.” However, she went on to say that there was no way she could continue it.

Lauren said Entertainment Tonight did not ask her to quit doing the segment. She said, “I stopped because I could not live with myself covering the franchise like that anymore. I couldn’t celebrate it in the same way knowing everything that I know now.”

Chris Harrison - Lauren Zima - Instagram
Chris Harrison – Lauren Zima – Instagram

The infamous interview

Lauren started talking about the interview and said, “I think the hardest part was understanding it. Because I didn’t feel like I was watching you.” She continued, “I know that wasn’t you in that interview. … What was being perceived was not how you felt in your heart. And I knew that and so I was also just mad because I thought, ‘How could you do this? How could you be so messy? How could you not see how you were sounding?’ But what I quickly realized is that everybody makes mistakes. … And to me, the most important thing about a human is: what their intention is and how they react after they make a mistake. And I knew that your intention in that interview was in no way malicious. I knew that your intention was to protect Matt.”

Lauren said that she understands that the Chris everyone saw in that interview was the frustrated, burnt out Chris. She said he wanted Rachel Kirkconnell and Matt James to not break up and he wanted to protect Matt.

Chris left the show and still maintains he has no hard feelings for the franchise. He says the show did change his life. However, leaving the show gutted him and caused him physical and mental pain. He even lost twenty pounds.

Lauren Zima and Chris Harrison via Instagram
Lauren Zima and Chris Harrison

Lauren and Chris are currently planning their wedding and living in Austin, Texas.

What do you think about Lauren quitting her Bachelor recap?


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