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Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Celebrate: ‘We Did It!’

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For fans of the TLC show, Little People, Big World, you may remember Audrey and Jeremy Roloff. The couple appeared on the show for several seasons but decided that they wanted to move forward with raising a family and their careers. Since then they have started to write books and journals to help couples with their relationships and marriages. Audrey has also been involved in MLM companies such as Young Living. She has shared about it all over her Instagram account. The couple has gotten a lot of backlash because of how they portray themselves on social media, but it looks as if they have completed one of the challenges that they shared in their books.

Being Intentional In Marriage

Part of Audrey and Jeremy’s ideas of marriage are included in the books that they have written for couples. One of these things is to be intentional always. Although they talk about being intentional, Audrey often gets backlash for staging all the videos and pictures in her life. Her followers feel that she is the complete opposite of intentional, but she continues to push this term on her fans.

As a challenge to themselves, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff told their fans that they would go on 52 dates in 2022. In her most recent post on Instagram, Audrey shared videos and pictures of all 52 dates and captioned it, “We freakin did it! 52/52 dates in 2022. And with a huge thanks to our moms and beloved babysitters for helping make it possible. And thank you to all of you who cheered us on as we tallied the weeks all the way up to 52 dates in 2022. In the first few months of the year, we brought our newborn with us. Yes, I had to bring my pump and pump half through dinner sometimes.  We did count double dates or parties and weddings we attended because to us at that time, that was fun, intentional, and fruitful for our marriage even if it wasn’t always “just us”- although most of that time it was. We did miss weeks due to sickness, crazy weeks, etc, but we made up for them!”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, Instagram

Audrey Roloff went on, “It was NOT easy. We had to plan, prioritize, and budget for it.” Audrey thanked their parents and babysitters for their help with this too. She added that they even went on dates when they were exhausted. They had their eyes on the prize and they did it!

Backlash and Praise For Audrey and Jeremy

As Audrey’s fans know, she does get a lot of hate for her posts, but she also receives positive feedback. Their fans love the books. These fans have now set intentional goals in their marriages. These books help set dates and keep them. Not only that, they push couples to spend time together.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff-Instagram

The couple had a lot of fans ask them how they made time to do this, but haters mentioned that these two don’t have real jobs. This is a challenge for couples and their fans are very happy to share it with them!

For more of Audrey and Jeremy, keep an eye on Tv Shows Ace as we follow their marriage journey.

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