‘Jeopardy!’ Super Champion Ray LaLonde Defeated, Fans Divided

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Jeopardy! fans are divided after super-champion and fan favorite Ray LaLonde was defeated on Tuesday’s show. This broke a 13-game winning streak. Many viewers were divided on how they felt about LaLonde losing Jeopardy! to Lloyd Sy. Keep reading to see what had people upset.

Jeopardy! Fans Questions Lloyd Sy’s Intelligence

Of course, to win 13 games of Jeopardy! in a row, you have to be smart and you need to be able to recite facts fairly quickly. So, when Ray LaLonde was defeated, many fans of the show were sad to see him go. At the same time, many of them also questioned how smart Lloyd Sy actually is.

They believed his winning might have been a fluke. More than that, Ray was a super likable champ and people did not want to see him go.

Lloyd Sy on 'Jeopardy!' - YouTube

Despite what fans thought of him, Lloyd Sy stacked up an astounding $24,000 during his first game where he defeated LaLonde. Fans were certain that would be his only win though.

Now Sy Is Proving Nay-Sayers Wrong

However, Lloyd Sy went on to win a second game on Wednesday, proving many of the nay-sayers wrong. He went on to face two new competitors in his second game: Francis Englert, a line cook from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and Sarah Palmer, an executive assistant from Monterey, California.

By the time Final Jeopardy! rolled around, Lloyd Sy was leading the rest of the group by nearly $10K. Even host Ken Jennings admitted that Sy had “runaway” from the rest of the competitors in terms of cash. He ended the game with $53K in total winnings from the two games.

A few viewers took to Reddit to commend him, even though they didn’t think he’d make it. One person said, “I guess Lloyd beating Ray wasn’t a fluke! Congrats to Lloyd!”

Tonight he will go up against Patrick Curran, a consultant from Washington, D.C., and Lois Cassaleggi, an Associate Dean from Chicago, Illinois.

No Hard Feelings Between Jeopardy! Winners

Although fans were upset to see Ray LaLonde go, he showed that there were no hard feelings between him and Lloyd Sy by posing for a photo. Sy shared the photo to his Twitter page, captioning it, “Me and the guy she told me not to worry about.”

So, although many fans were upset about Ray losing, it doesn’t seem like there are any hard feelings between the two. After all, Ray still left Jeopardy! with $386K that he amassed over 13 episodes.

Do you think Lloyd Sy will be another Jeopardy! super-champion? Let us know your predictions in the comments!

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