Courtney Waldrop Asks Fans To Pray For Her Father ‘Popsie’

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop is requesting prayers for her father Gerry, who’s known as “Popsie.” She gave everyone an update on how he is doing and revealed that he could use some good thoughts and prayers during this time. So, what’s going on with Popsie? Keep reading for the full update from Courtney.

Many TLC viewers fell in love with Courtney’s father Gerry and mother Ramona on the show. Sadly, now that the show has come to an end, fans don’t get many updates about Courtney’s parents these days.

Now, the mom of nine is back with some sad news about her kids’ grandfather.

Courtney Waldrop - Popsie - Instagram

Courtney Waldrop Asks Fans To Pray For Her Father ‘Popsie’

On Instagram on Tuesday, Courtney shared a new photo of her father in a wheelchair at the hospital. She gave fans a full rundown on what is going on with him.

She said, “Over the last year or so he has been dealing with a lot of back pain!! So if you can say a little prayer for him…he recently found out the pain has been from bone on bone rubbing together and today we are hoping and praying that the problem was fixed!!”

Courtney Waldrop noted that she took this picture before his surgery on Tuesday. She noted that after his surgery, he “was not all smiles like in this picture you see right here. He was out of it and not looking his finest!!”

At the end of her post, she specifically asked fans to pray for a quick and successful recovery for her father. 

You can check out the photo and read the full update on Popsie below.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Fans Send Lots Of Love

In the comments section of Courtney Waldrop’s new post, fans are sending lots of love, prayers, and positive words to Popsie. They all hope he feels better soon and that he doesn’t face any complications. They are also asking Courtney to share more details about her father’s recovery soon.

Many fans are also sharing their favorite memories about Popsie on the show. Amid this hard time for the Waldrop family, they are being lifted up with kind words and love from fans.

Since Popsie’s surgery was on Tuesday, Courtney may not have an update on his health right away. Hopefully, Popsie’s recovery will go smoothly and he’ll be back to normal in no time.

Be on the lookout for more posts from Courtney Waldrop regarding her father’s health, and be sure to keep Popsie in your prayers.

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