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TLC’s ‘Doubling Down With Derricos’ Family Mourns Tragic Death

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Like the Johnstons, TLC’s Doubling Down With The Derricos also ended the year 2022 with a very somber post on many of their profiles mourning a tragic death. Both Karen and Deon Derrico shared two separate posts mourning the passing of the legendary Barbara Walters.

Turns out, the late Barbara Walters also had an eye for talent as she got to know Karen and Deon Derrio before they were part of the TLC family. Karen and Deon recalled in their tribute to the legend that it was none other than Barbara herself that first told them their family was perfect for reality TV and that they would have their own show one day.

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Turns out, the birth of the Derrico quints was featured on The View. So, Karen and Deon got to meet and spend time with Barbara Walters behind the scenes. The entire Derrico family is extremely saddened by the passing of Barbara as she meant a great deal to their family.

TLC’s: Doubling Down With Derricos family mourns tragic death

In their first post, Karen and Deon Derrico shared two photos of Barbara Walters behind-the-scenes with their family. They also shared a photo of a The View star with their family’s name written inside of it.


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The penned in the caption of their first post: “#TheDERRICOs send our deepest condolences to Ms. Barbara Walters, Family and Friends. She was an absolute amazing women and so very kind to both Karen, and I. It was Ms. Walters, that told us that we would have a Reality Television Show!!! We send our love to #TheView and #abc Family and @sherrieshepherd we love you.”

The family wrote in a second Instagram post including a very old clip featuring their segment on The View: “We met Ms. Walters, behind the scenes that day and she was very polite and inspirational she spoke greatness into our future and told both @karenederrico and I that we would have Reality Show!! When I asked her where did that statement come from she replied… “with your beautiful wife and Family, I want to give you guys a show” She welcomed us back anytime but our family continued to grow and we never made it back… I’m saddened to know that, That was our first and last time meeting Queen Barbara Walters!!! Thank you for speaking greatness into our lives!!!”

TLC fans react to these touching tributes

Unlike the 7 Little Johnstons tribute to Barbara Walters, the Doubling Down With The Derricos tribute was met with a great deal more kindness. Overall, fans were in agreement that Sherri Shepherd needed to connect with the Derrico family for an update on how their lives were going today.

Most fans also agreed that they really appreciated how kind and caring Barbara was with this precious family.


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One fan agreed: “What an amazing tribute and Ms. Walter’s highlighted your family with care and grace. That care and grace is been pass to other families through your show.”

Going completely off topics, many fans admitted they were eager to see Doubling Down With The Derricos on television again and begged for an ETA on the next new season.

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