Andy Cohen & Ryan Seacrest [Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]

Andy Cohen Settles Beef With Ryan Seacrest At Midnight?

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Andy Cohen still feels bitter over his feud with Ryan Seacrest. The Bravo host had to play it sober on New Year’s Eve. At first, CNN enforced a no-drinking rule for its correspondents. However, that rule also included Andy and his co-host Anderson Cooper.

This comes after Andy claimed that he would party hard on New Year’s Eve. That wasn’t the case anymore. The two co-hosts took shots of strange non-alcoholic concoctions throughout the night. For some reason, Andy also couldn’t stop bringing up Ryan Seacrest’s ABC special, which was behind him. Keep on reading to learn more.

Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper [CNN | YouTube]
[CNN | YouTube]

Confirms that he has beef with Ryan Seacrest

Andy Cohen wasn’t feeling like himself on Saturday night’s live broadcast of CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live. That’s because he couldn’t keep Ryan Seacrest off his mind. Andy confirmed that he has beef with Ryan. He challenged his fellow television host to fight “with his fists” on live television. While Ryan keeps it classy over at ABC, Andy had revenge on his mind.

It all happened when the members of Tenacious D appeared in tuxedos and top hats. They joined Andy and Anderson Cooper to promote their upcoming residency in Las Vegas. The co-hosts complimented them on their attire. Jack Black joked that they dressed up for them.

Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper [CNN | YouTube]
[CNN | YouTube]
Anderson asked: “What it’s like performing in Vegas on New Year’s Eve? What’s an audience like on New Year’s Eve versus other nights?”

Jack responded: “Well, first and foremost they’re going to be drunk.”

Then he added that “I guess that guy won’t be there.” Jack asked his bandmate Kyle, “Who is the guy from the rivalry?” Some of them named Andy’s alleged rival, Ryan Seacrest. The Shallow Hal star wanted to know if the two had “beef” with each other. He said that “everyone’s talking about the beef.”

Anderson confirmed that he’s heard about it too. Andy Cohen addressed the feud and said they’re “settling it tonight” on the “main stage.” He put up his fists to the camera and threatened Ryan with a brawl.

Fans react to Andy Cohen threatening to fight Seacrest

Some of the viewers couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Andy Cohen threatening Ryan to a fight. As you can see, they were in shock that the two are feuding over CNN’s no-alcohol rule on the account that Andy took it too far in 2021.

  • “I can’t believe I just witnessed Andy Cohen tell Jack Black that he’s gonna beat up Ryan Seacrest.”
  • “The beef going down between Seacrest and Andy.”
  • “Jack Black is bringing up Andy’s feud with Ryan Seacrest and saying he’s #TeamAndy is exactly why #CNNNYE is supreme.”
  • “Andy Cohen is going to settle his beef with Ryan Seacrest at midnight. Jack Black is #TeamCohen.”

What are your thoughts on Andy Cohen having beef with Ryan Seacrest? Do you think he was joking? What did you think of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage? Sound off below in the comment section.

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