Movie & TV Producer Edyth ‘Edie’ Landau Dead At 95

Edie Landau

American TV and film producer, Edyth “Edie” Landau, was confirmed dead at the age of 95. Over the course of her life, some of the more notable credits on her resume include overseeing The David Susskind Show and The Play Of The Week. Edie Landau was also recognized for being the executive vice president of the National Telefilm Associates.

What is known about her cause of death? Plus, take a look at her extensive career in Hollywood by scrolling down below.

Edyth “Edie” Landau Dead: Cause Of Death

According to Variety, Edyth “Edie” Landau was confirmed dead at the age of 95. The outlet reports she died in the comfort of her own home. Unfortunately, the reports of her passing do not include any details regarding her own death.

At the age of 95, her fans hope she simply died in her sleep because of her old age. That information, however, has not been made public. It, however, was confirmed that she passed in her home on Christmas Eve. Moreover, the outlet confirms the late TV and film producer is survived by her children: Jon, Tina, and Kathy; her stepson, Les; and her children’s families.

A Closer Look At Her Life

Per IMDbEdie Landau has eight production credits attached to her resume from the 80s including The Deadly Game (1982), The Holcroft Covenant (1985), and Hopscotch (1980). Various media outlets confirm she does have other lesser-known titles on her resume from earlier in her career.

For example, some TV shows that were under her command during her time as executive VP include: The Mike Wallace Show, Open End, The Bishop Queen Show, and One Night Stand.

When she landed the role of executive VP of National Telefilm Associates, it was merely a start-up company created by late producer, Ely Landau. Edie later went on to marry Ely. As a married couple, the producers went on to collaborate on several original projects together.

Rest in peace, Edie Landau.

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