Will Kody Brown Have Additional Children By Robyn Or Future Wives?

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Will Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn keep having children? Or will he have to take on more wives to keep the family line going? This is a big question among fans now that he has lost three wives. Though his other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine were done having babies, Robyn was still up in the air. She had even mentioned her spiritual babies that she had yet to have. So, what is next for the once plural family? Read on for some Sister Wives fan theories and questions.

Will Kody Brown Have Additional Children By Robyn Or Future Wives?

Kody already has eighteen children from four wives, three of who he adopted when he legally married Robyn in 2014. However, there has been a conversation as to whether or not he is officially done procreating. Robyn has mentioned in recent seasons that she may want another child. Kody has not been completely opposed to this idea. Yet, he does acknowledge that he is in his early fifties and maybe should just be a grandpa. In 2021, the family dynamic completely shifted when his third wife, Christine left the family.

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Then, in 2022, it was confirmed that both his first and second wives, Meri and Janelle were no longer with Kody. That brought up so many questions about the future of the family. Now, a Reddit thread has been started to discuss kids and more. “How many children do you all think Kody will end up having? Do you think Robyn will have more kids now that the other wives are gone?” it started. To that, someone added: “Robyn seems done. Ariella’s almost 7. I think the only way Kody will have more kids is if they bring in a new wife.”

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One noted: “Let’s just hope he doesn’t have any more kids, seeing as he’s done a bang up job with all the ones he’s got now.” Currently, he is struggling to maintain relationships with some of his adult children, especially since the pandemic. Others felt that Robyn was high-risk when it came to pregnancy due to her age while some maintained he should not look for a new wife just for the show. Then, there was a theory that maybe Robyn wanted six kids as that was how many Janelle and Christine had.

What About The Future?

As of now, Kody Brown’s future, in all aspects, hangs in the bounds. He has lost three of his four wives. Therefore, he is no longer really a polygamist. Sister Wives was a show based on polygamy so will the show crumble if he is left with just Robyn? Fans doubt that he will take on more wives unless Robyn wants him to. More so, they think he will only consider it if it will keep the show on the air. Yet, will viewers care about him courting new women? Or are they more invested in the new lives of his former wives now that they have exited the family? Time will tell what will happen.

Do you think Kody and Robyn will have more babies or will he recruit a younger wife to grow the family? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1st on TLC.

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