JoJo Siwa & Avery Cyrus Split Gets Messy: Used For Clout?

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If you missed the news — JoJo Siwa and her TikTok girlfriend Avery Cyrus have split up. Those who have been following this relationship know that they had only been together for a few months. The TikTok lovebirds broke the news of their breakup while enjoying a seven-day Royal Caribbean cruise together.

It was on Avery Cyrus’ TikTok that news of their split first broke in the video detailing their cruise when JoJo hands Average a gift and explains it was her “sorry for breaking up with you” present. Unsurprisingly, Avery’s 8.4M followers had a hard time seeing or hearing anything else in the video and immediately wanted more information.

In the comments, Avery responded to one individual saying, “Now I want to know why.” In response to the comment, Avery explained that the duo mutually decided the relationship wasn’t working. She claimed they made the decision they were better off as friends as they were too young to be in anything serious.

JoJo Siwa | YouTube
JoJo – YouTube

JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus split gets messy

Now, JoJo Siwa’s mother uploaded a video to her Instagram Stories that told a slightly different version of this break-up. The video clip featured a very frustrated JoJo pacing back and forth. When her mother pressed for information on what was wrong, JoJo spilled some very messy tea.

@averycyrus Best trip EVER thanks to @Royal Caribbean 💞💞#royalpartner #comeseek #wonderoftheseas ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Turns out, she learned that Avery Cyrus never really loved her. JoJo proceeded to claim that Avery only formed a romantic connection to JoJo so she could use the relationship for clout.

Cause I got used…For views. And for clout. And I got tricked into being told that I was loved… I got f**king played.”

She spilled more cryptic tea on her break-up via TikTok

Now, things are just continuing to get messy via JoJo and Avery’s TikTok. Yesterday, JoJo posted a video that most interrupted to be her telling the story of her breakup with Avery. In the video, JoJo notes: “You told one of my best friends that you were excited to be dating me bc you’re growing your career and want to get to the top…”

@itsjojosiwaAnd when I said I just wanted to be friends so I didn’t lead you on after an unplanned hookup you wanted nothing to do with me because there was nothing to gain anymore.♬ original sound – ✨Poyo✨

In the caption of her video, JoJo Siwa added that Avery seemingly wants nothing to do with her after JoJo broke up with her and said they should “just be friends.”

@averycyrusWhat are the odds she k!lls me on this trip 😅 . . And before y’all get any ideas we are just friends, and no she’s not taking me back.♬ stream NFR by lana del rey – charlie 🧬

Making things more messy, Avery’s ex-girlfriend prior to dating JoJo recently started following her again. Likewise, Avery Cyrus and her ex-girlfriend have also started hanging out claiming they aren’t back together but don’t have a choice because they booked a nonrefundable trip to Europe when they were still together eight months ago.

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