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Amy Halterman Brings Little Bit Back From The Dead

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Amy Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters brought Little Bit back from the dead to participate in her Christmas traditions with her children. Yesterday, Amy’s elf-on-the-shelf update included her elf Dobby kicking back with Little Bit. Now, the photo was a bit alarming to 1000-Lb. Sisters fans who are well-versed in the life of Amy Halterman and her family because Little Bit is dead. How did Amy Halterman manage to bring Little Bit back from the dead for this photo? Keep reading for the details.

Amy Halterman brings Little Bit back from the dead

At first glance, it appears as if Dobby the elf and Little Bit are relaxing in Amy Halterman’s photo. Fans, however, know this isn’t possible because Little Bit passed away. Sadly, Little Bit passed away in April of this year. So, how did Amy get him in this photo?

Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb. Sisters from TLC

Upon closer inspection, Amy’s 473K followers realized there wasn’t actually a dog in the photo. Turns out, Dobby the elf was actually relaxing with a pillow that had been crafted to look identical to Little Bit. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans assume Amy had the pillow created to help her cope with losing her beloved canine. Thanks to the pillow, she always had a piece of her dog in the house.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans were confused in the comments

In the comments, it was clear that not everyone was well-versed in the history of Amy and her family. Likewise, it was also clear that some people didn’t even realize it wasn’t a pillow in the photo. One fan questioned if Amy and her family still had Little Bit. Many fans responded to the comment to point out that Little Bit had passed away.


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Many of Amy’s followers opted to use the post as an opportunity to pay their respects to Little Bit even though he had passed much earlier in the year. Some fans even thanked Amy for giving them a chance to see her precious dog rise from the dead so they could see Little Bit once more. Here’s some of what fans said:

  • “I’m glad you make your Elf fun and good natured. I keep seeing parent use the elves to break things or draw on walls or cut hair etc and I think those things are awful, it made me hate the elves because they were just encouraging naughty behaviour but the way you do it is very positive! You’re doing a great job!”
  • “Ah poor little bit. Hope you Michael and the kiddos have a great Christmas.”
  • “Omg Lil!!!! I sure loved watching him on the show. Reminded me of my chihuahua that passed just a few months before. I’d love to have one of those pillows made.”

What do you think about Amy Halterman bringing Little Bit from the dead and including him in Christmas? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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